Monday, May 18, 2015

A visit to Kodachrome Basin

We went on a nice day trip to Kodachrome Basin State Park on Saturday.  Before that we had two quiet days, resting in the Alfa and watching it rain and snow. Brrr! 

It was still a little threatening Saturday morning, but we decided to chance it. We had a bit of sporadic rain, but the day was mostly sunny.

Kodachrome Basin is about 25 mile from Bryce Canyon. The road is good and the scenery was beautiful.

I'm sure I will get to the point when I will not want to see another rock wall, but I haven't gotten there yet. Each place is so different. At Kodachrome Basin the upper part of the rim walls are colored grayish-green by the minerals mixed with the limestone. The rusty reds are caused by iron oxides.

Because the weather was threatening, we kept our walks short.

It s really hard to show how steep a trail is, but from Craig's careful stance I think you can get the sense that this was not flat ground. The path going to the right of the picture was also quite steep.

One feature of the basin was the varied large single rocks and pipes standing here and there without many other rocks around them.

This one was very odd.

As we drove past this one Craig called it a "Widow Rock". The larger rock behind this one was really quite far away. If  you look carefully you can see rain coming down in the distance. It started to rain on us shortly after we took this picture.

Kodachrome Basin State Park is a nice added day trip if you are staying in the Bryce Canyon area. There were very few people there when we were, but it may be because the weather was so "iffy".

We don't leave here until Wednesday. I can't say I recommend Panguitch, UT as a place of interest or entertainment. The weather forecast is for possible rain and moderately cold temperatures,  so we may continue to just relax and hang out at the rig until it is time to roll.


  1. Everywhere you turn there seems to be something interesting to see. I must seem like another whole life when you are in your stix&brix - a wild adventure!

  2. Laura, your first sentence is a delight. The second is harder to understand. ???

    1. I must have been bedazzled by the photos! It must seem a lifetime ago, another life all-together, when you lived in a house anchored to the earth. The work and trials getting your house ready to sell seems like ages ago. What an adventure to get from there to here :-)

  3. Been to Bryce, but for some reason don't remember Kodachrome Basin. Very interesting formations there too.

  4. What gorgeous photos - I hope you stayed warm before your hike!

  5. not much in Panguitch I agree but a great spot to see all the great sights around there...

  6. I have never gotten tired of the beautiful rock formations that we've seen or that I look at in people's blogs. Especially when they are from places we haven't been yet.

  7. Looks like a great stop, added to our list.


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