Sunday, May 10, 2015

Just Livin', a week at Sand Hollow State Park, Utah

I love the sky. 

One of the things I missed in my world during the last ten years or so of our living in our home in the Santa Cruz Mountains in California, was a big sky. The way the house was situated the view of the sky was always limited by the trees.

Sunset at Sand Hollow

At Sand Hollow we had a magnificent, 360° view of the sky. 

There was open grass and scrub covered landscape between us and the distant mountains on three sides. 

And a large cinder berm that edged a reservoir on the fourth.

Most of our days here were slightly cool, and one morning we woke to the view of snow on the largest mountain.

In addition to our hikes, we have had some very pleasant, long sleepy afternoons, where we did nothing more than curl up with our books and watch the clouds come and go.

One afternoon we took a drive around the reservoir to where there are a lot of off road trails.  Craig wanted to go "Jeeping", but I wasn't enthusiastic. 

We compromised with a drive around on the hard sand beach.  
All in all it has been a very peaceful week here in Hurricane, Utah. I really do love State Parks. If the weather permits we plan on hiking in Zion again on Sunday.

We travel on Monday, and are headed to Bryce Canyon National Park. As far as I could tell, neither of the campgrounds in the park have electric or water hook ups, so I made reservations at a commercial resort called the Red Canyon RV Park in Panguitch, Utah. 

I hope the pool is nice. 


  1. The only things that beats the skies in the west are white sandy beaches, beautiful desert landscapes and the mountains full of blazing colors....

  2. We are usually in Utah this time of year & are really missing it. Your pictures capture our memories.

  3. Beautiful skies. Panguitch is a cute town, I've been theough that town on the way to the North Rim with and without the RV.

  4. Very amazing photos Merikay, just love it.

  5. The two times I went to Bryce, I splurged on Ruby's Inn Campground. Never regretted it. The Red Rock area is just beautiful. Are you going on a day trip to Kodachrome Basin?

  6. Wow. That's a gorgeous area and the pictures are wonderful.

  7. I have been to Red Canyon RV Park and do not remember a pool. It might not be open even if they have one. They had snow up there recently.

  8. I love a sky like that - my spirit soars.


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