Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Good days on the home front

The last few days have been really nice around here.  Spring weather has finally come.  On Sunday we got out the cushions for the deck furniture and had an early dinner outdoors.  The air was soft, no bugs, and a beautiful view.  On Saturday I saw a Doe in the grassy area below the deck that had two  spotted fawns at her side.  Craig had seen her just up the road the day earlier.  I expect we will see her often over the summer and be able to see the little guys grow.

Another major decision about the house has been made.  We put a deposit on a new roof.  They will do the work the first week of June.   We still have to decide the color, but that will be done over the weekend when we have all of the samples that we want to see.

It is a big job.  A big roof!

This is the left side from the yard above the house.  Low slope area is the 3 car garage.

This is the right side from the same area, the flat roof to the right is the separate garage that
will also be re-roofed

This is a view of the house from below.  We started painting a few years ago but got bogged down.  We did the supporting beams for the lower deck and rebuilt and painted the louvered area under the lower deck.  We may have to repaint the trim.  I wasn't crazy about the color at the time, and now it won't go at all with one of the roof colors we are considering.  Painting the main part of the house may be started this summer, but we may not be able to hire someone to do the high parts until next summer.

Oh, how I wish these $$$ were going toward buying an RV.  Well hopefully we will recover most of it when we sell.  (The roof is coming to about $30K.)

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