Friday, May 7, 2010

Nothing much to say today

Nothing much to say today.  I've spend way to much time reading blogs this morning.  (I almost always do!) But I did do my treadmil and did toss a dozen things out of a bedroom drawer, and now I'm going to get some art work done.

Daily countdown:
545  days, or 1 year, 5 months, 26 days to go.  

Exercise Goal:        
1000 miles on the treadmill     2 miles   today.    
Total walked = 111.5 miles   
         Someday I will be hiking in National Parks!

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  1. Hi Merikay: Thanks for your comments to my blog. I love your sense of humor. My days will surely be brighter without Waste Management! I enjoy following your progress. You are where we were a few years ago. Although, it seems you have a bigger yard and house with more projects to be done. You are doing yourself a huge favor getting things done now. The more, the better. The end was a bit overwhelming for me, and I thought we had everything ready. Keep up the good work!


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