Tuesday, May 25, 2010


The hours of the day just fly by.

 I'm going up to spend an hour in the attic as soon as I post this.

1 Hour later:

I found and boxed a bunch of old games and puzzles.  Some were still taped from our move here 22 years ago.  They all went onto the Flea market table, except for two that I know my daughter really enjoyed.  I set these aside for her to decide what to do with the next time they visit. (Probably Thanksgiving.)

I also culled out a very large box of old records.  Not LP's.  I reboxed some precious old letters and account books into a smaller 10" x 12" x 4" box.  This will also go to my daughters attic for her grandchildren. (I'd love to have letters exchanged between my grand or great grand parents during their courtship!)

 The account books are my budget ledgers from the first years of our marriage.  When our credit card bill  - yes we did have one for gasoline was less than $10.00 per month and rent was $85.00.  I also found an entry where I was saving $2.50 per month towards buying my little girl a snowsuite.

Daily countdown: 
526 days, or 1 year, 5 months, 8 days to go.
Exercise Goal:
1000 miles on the treadmill,  2.25 miles today

Total walked = 137.75 miles
Someday I will be hiking 1000 miles  in National Parks!


  1. We're both getting a little nastalgic in our blogs. You think we're headed in the same direction? Feels good to have company. Thanks for sharing your stuff. I don't know if you've thought about it... You can scan those letters and save them to a disc for safe-keeping. Paper is so fragile. My mom is doing this for my grandmother's scrapbooks right now. We'll all get copies of the discs and get to look through them. She will be keeping the originals but it's nice to know it's all safe with the slides and 8mm movies that have been transferred to computer files already. The old home movies, from my mother growing up, make me laugh out loud every time I see them.

  2. I'm trying to catch up on all the blogs I read after this busy last week. Isn't it interesting how we keep things for so long without ever using them?


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