Thursday, June 3, 2010

As long as a Trip to Mars!

I was listening to the news this morning and they talked about a crew of astronauts" going into an isolated chamber in Russia to test the effects of long term confinement similar to what they would experience on a trip to Mars.  The number of days caught my ear.  520. Only four days longer than my "goal" date.  So should I be thinking I could go to Mars in about the same time as it will take to get this house fixed up and on the market!

As you can tell I have very little to write about.  They are still pounding over my head. Should be done later today.

Daily countdown:
516 days, or 1 year, 4 months, 28 days to go.
Exercise Goal:
1000 miles on the treadmill,  None so far today,  maybe later!
(I've had a tender knee for a couple of days)

Total walked = 151.5 miles
Someday I will be hiking 1000 miles  in National Parks!

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  1. Big laugh!! Hmmm Trip to Mars Full time living in an RV. Don't sound like they should take the same amt of time do they?


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