Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I Didn't Win The LOTTERY

Dang!  I didn't win the lottery again!

About five times a year I risk a whole $5.00 on the Lottery.  I don't look at the wining numbers for weeks after, so I can imagine "what if?"  It's a pretty cheep way to fantasize.  So today I finally looked at a ticket bought in March,   No win.  Oh well

But the roofers have started the job.  I know this is a terrible picture, but it is what it is.

They actually started yesterday, and will be finished tomorrow!

There is a lot of extra work that needs to be done, but the have a huge crew up there.  Unfortunately we will be adding several thousand to the bill in dry rot repair etc.   But the roof replacement is a big item to be checked off the must be done list.

I keep reminding myself that in a few years this will all be a foggy memory.

These are the kind of things that are very hard for Craig.  The roof would have to be done no mater what our future plan was. It has been leaking in small places for as many years as we have been here.  We've had repair men in, and Craig has been up there year after year spreading caulking to no avail.

But now, even though we have hired a top rated, very professional company, he is never quite satisfied with their work or materials.  His projects take years.  These people get things done!

I wish he could be happy things are getting done.  This has nothing to do with the idea of RVing.

His fussing is a reoccurring pattern.  Part of his nature.  I just have to ignore his sad looks.

 I have for 44 years.


  1. Perfectionism can be a curse. I feel for Craig.

    (But I agree it is a relief to cross things off the list)

  2. I know a "Craig." It can be frustrating. I think he finds fault in his projects so he never has to part with them. Because finishing means...the end.

  3. Craig and I can sit down with some fine cheese with our whine :0) Any change... Even good, professional, needed change is hard for some of us. I would suggest he count his blessings but he might smack me. That is always my urge when my mom says it to my whining/pouting self :0)


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