Friday, June 25, 2010

Welcome to a couple of new friends!  Randy and Pam, and Susan.  When the rush is over,  (I'm not sure when that will be!)  I look forward to reading more of the Werner's blog and watching for when Susan starts one of her own.

I really enjoy this expanding web of friends who are full timing, or working toward full timing.  They are all different, but all special.  So thank you for becoming followers.  I have some very big projects to complete before I can join you on the road.

Earlier this week, Karen commented that our house "It's not your regular ranch style house is it?"

No, it's not!  It's about 4000 sq. ft.  In some places it is 3 stories, some places built into the hill.  It has a three car garage attached, an additional tandem garage space, and a detached 2-car building we use as a workshop/ woodworking/ storage.  It partially repainted about five years ago, but we have changed the trim color choice from a terra cotta, to a dark chocolate brown.  My work so far has been to repaint the deck trim that was painted before.  I'm almost done with that.  Next week I'm going to skip the rest of the terra cotta and paint some of the "wall color" and window trim also on the lower deck area.  

As I said last week ... It's going to be a long summer of painting!  Te only reward I have each day is to be able to post some progress report and hours!

Each day of painting, makes the house closer to being ready for the market.  Selling the house is a requirement for achieving financial freedom and full time RVing!


  1. After seeing my dramady, are you SURRRRE you want to sell your house?? You couldn't pay me to do that over again. I'm going to be buried in my RV!


  2. Hi...I have just located your blog and have enjoyed catching up on your posts. We started full-timing in August 2009 and just love it. Having a blog to help keep on track is a great idea and it helps us get to know you. win-win!!
    You have a huge job ahead of you...kinda like Nellie said. :) I am so glad that it is behind us.
    If you have a chance drop by our blog and visit.

    Take care!
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)


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