Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I' m 64 today.

  My goal is that the house will be fixed up by one year from today.

  I have my doubts.

Evelyn,  your comment didn't distress me.  It just allowed me to vent a bit.  I fell less like I'm whining if I'm answering a comment.

 I always get distressed when I have to clean the house.

On the plus side I have tossed a few more things, and moved a few more to the garage flea market box while cleaning for the Holidays.

On the minus side, I put  a few things into drawers and closets that I had worked so hard to clear last spring.

One day at a time.

One year at a time.

Happy Birthday to me, I'll spend it dusting.

I will also walk a couple of miles on the treadmill later today.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! won't wish you Many Happy Returns of a day spent dusting so I hope you find a way to celebrate.

    Birthdays are special because their Your Special Day.

    How's the vegetarian diet going. I don't think I could live long without some beef. Hey! I'm a carnivore.

  2. Happy Birthday to YOU,
    Happy Birthday to YOU,
    Happy Birthday dear Merikay..
    Happy Birthday to YOU!!!

    Now quit that dusting on your birthday!!!!! Today of all days is meant to be a fun day! And what's up with vegi's? No birthday cake? ppsssshhhaaaaa..... say it isn't so!!!! Bust out of the dust bunnies and have a great day!

  3. I hope you have more fun than just dusting today!!!! You deserve to be spoiled on your birthday :) Have a GREAT one!


  4. Happy Birthday!

    Like you, I get distressed when it's time to clean house .... and for the 10 days leading up to it! LOL!

  5. Happy Birthday!! 64, wow, you look terrific! Reminds me of the old Beatles song..when I'm 64.


    Hey, when you've had as many birthdays as we have...what's one more?

    Al's birthday is Thursday...62 for him.

    Quit cleaning and do something fun!

  7. Happy Birthday...glad I found someone older than me (I turned 63 this past September).

    Keep the faith on the STUFF issue. Just remember to ask yourself every time you are tempted to get something new, Will this work in the RV and can it do multiple duty!

    As to dusting...consider it a science project. LOL!

  8. "When I get older losing my hair,
    Many years from now,
    Will you still be sending me a valentine
    Birthday greetings, bottle of wine?"

    I'll be singing this Beatles song for the next week now!

    Happy Birthday!

  9. Happy birthday, Merikay!! Like the others, I hope you didn't spend the day cleaning and dusting!

    Hope you had an awesome day! :)

  10. Happy B-Day - Merikay... may all your dreams come true...

  11. Happy Birthday, fellow Scorpio sista'!
    I'm just a couple of days behind you.
    Keep moving forward toward your dream!

  12. Happy Birthday..just think this time next year!!!!

  13. I hope you have a fabulous birthday and a fabulous year!

    Don't forget to spoil yourself a little today. Anyone over 50 deserves a little pampering :)


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