Thursday, November 4, 2010


Lightweight Long Sleeve Denim Cover Up SmallI found this neat "cover-up" in a catalog the other day. 

 I thought it would be great for mornings in a campground if I wanted to step outside, or walk over to the facilities before being fully dressed.  (I'm very used to having two bathrooms!)  

Or I could use it in the evening if I want to slip into my night gown early!  

No one will know it is a bathrobe!  Not that I really care if they did.

This is the North Style URL if anyone else is interested.

North Style denim cover up.

I was going to buy it myself, but then thought if I send the URL to my daughter it  will make her Christmas shopping a little bit easier!

I will like to use it at home as well.  I'm not into big fluffy terry robes.


  1. Neat looking cover up. I've noticed some women wandering around in moo-moos early in the morning here in Florida. When we hit the road I bought two pair of PJ's that look like capri outfits and I can easily walk outside in those - even in a Walmart parking lot - if the dog needs to make a fast trip outside.

  2. Interesting! It doesn't look even vaguely like a "bathrobe"! Nice!

  3. I'm all for this. So nice to be able to go outside or even around the house and not be caught out and embarrassed in my nightie.

  4. Good idea. It doesn't look like a robe at all.

  5. Cool cover. I love it when family tells me exactly what they want for gifts! Hope your daughter appreciates

  6. Cool cover-up. Looks so comfy. I love it when family tells me exactly what to get them for Christmas. Hope your daughter appreciates it.

  7. Merikay, I've been reading lots of blogs today written by people that want to fulltime RV. Over a year ago my husband and I hit the road in our RV. We've been campground hosting at various campground in Central Coast California. We're loving it. I like that robe/dress. I could see putting it to good use as a campground host relaxing in the evening but still having to occasionally talk with campers at the front door. Take care...


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