Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Meeting a Fellow Blogger

Levonne and Gingee

I had a super wonderful day today. 

 First I met up with Levonne , a fellow blogger , who is camphosting down the coast a bit at Big Sur.  Monterey is about half way between my home and Big Sur, so we met there and had a nice lunch and went for a walk on the beach.

 Mother nature smiled on a pair of new friends.
       The weather was fantastic!
              It has been cold and rainy for days.
                       It was a treat to have a clear, sunny day.

We found we had a lot in common, and neither of us stopped talking for the entire time.  Levonne has a sweet little dog that also enjoyed the walk along the shore.

 I really enjoy her blog because it is very well written and a pleaurse to read.  Do check it out.

Since Levonne and her husband plan to be in the area for awhile we decided to met again after the Holidays!

This is proof.
    You are real people!
          Last spring I met Paul and Mary,  and hope to get together with Evelyn when      we are both in San Diego this Christmas.
I'm definitely looking forward to meeting a lot more of you, either on the road, or as you pass thru this beautiful part of the country.

On the way back up the coast I spotted a likely looking fresh vegetable stand in Moss Landing.  Since we like artichokes, and this is artichoke season, in an area considered the artichoke capitol of the country, I decided to stop.

The prices were unbelievable.  Less than at our grocery store, and less than any farmers market I have been to in years.  This picture is of all the vegetables I was able to buy for less than $18.00!

Corn: 7 for $1.00 ... raspberries:  $2.00 per box ...  giant cauliflower:  $1.00 ...  persimmons:   5 for $1.00 ...  avocados:  2 for $1.00  ... and  artichokes: $2.00 each.

We have driven by that stand several times when we went to Monterey.  We have stopped at one a short distance away and were not impressed by the prices.  It seemed like  a tourist trap!

The third good thing that happened today was I met the mountain Handyman!

I found him in my driveway when I came home.

Why was he in my driveway? you may ask.  We happen to live in a GPS "black hole" Anyone trying to find us or some of our neighbors with a GPS inevitably gets lost. They can find the road, but for some reason their units are confused about the addresses on the road. He had pulled into my drive to call his next client, a neighbor just two properties down the road.

When I found out he was a handyman I got his card, some information about his rates, and an estimate on one of the many projects that need to be done.

I feel like I have struck gold or found a treasure.  I have seen his adds in our local mountain magazine, but now I can ask my neighbor how his work is before I hire him!

To complete a nice day there was a vivid sunset.

Now I am in front of my warm fire, drinking tea, and will be reading all of your adventures as soon as I post this.


  1. Sounds like a great day to me! Your sunset photo just tops it off, what a great picture.

  2. how great to meet Levonne and Gingee!..nice to meet fellow bloggers!!!..what a great day!!

  3. Isn't it great meeting blogging buddies? I love it! As you say .... proof of being real people!

  4. Merikay, I had just a great time and Gingee always enjoys a good walk! She is totally zonked out now which is a good sign that she got enough exercise today. I look forward to meeting up again. What are you going to do with those persimmons? My mom use to make a killer persimmon pudding. My favorite of her desserts. I'll have to get up to Moss Landing and check out that veggie stand. Take care and see you in the new year!

  5. Oh shoot! We are staying at my parents house, in Prunedale. They are just a few minutes inland from Moss Landing. We'll be here until Saturday, when we fly out of San Jose.

  6. Help I've just added another Blog to my reading list/I said no more then I checked out your link to Levonne and was hooked. Now I'll never get anything done as I just have to read it from the beginning.

    I'm a lost case.

  7. i have yet to meet any fellow bloggers but do look forward to meeting many of them once we get mobile...

  8. How nice you got to meet Levonne and Gingee. This blogging thing really lets us meet a lot of nice people.

    The produce looks yummy, I'm jealous.

    You live in such a beautiful part of the country, I'd love to see some pictures! I've been to California a few times when we were heading overseas (military) but never really explored. More pictures please :)

    The handy man must have been put there for a reason...a sign you need to get going and start your new fulltiming life?

  9. I'd like to know what you do with persimmons also. What a great day you had! :)

  10. We had our first face to face meeting with bloggers last week in Vegas. It was so much fun actually meeting them. I'm looking forward to meeting you later this month. Once we get to our campground, we can make some plans.

    I love your sunset picture!!!

    What a great vegetable stand deal. So often when I stop, the prices are just too high. How lucky you found this one. I've never had artichoke or persimmons.

  11. Great post! I love artichoke season - my favorite vegtable. When I was a kid, I would take my allowance, walk down the hill to the grocery store and buy one. Walk back up and boil it right away. Yum! Now I get them at Costco - they are usually 4 for $5 or $6. And ALWAYS FRESH AND GOOD. Now I'm hungry! Never passed through Castroville without stopping. :)

  12. Envy! I'd love to meet you both!!! Even though I'm officially not an RVer at the moment, it's still in my heart, and blogging links all of us!
    xo Kim



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