Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Folding Table

Last spring when we were at an RV show we saw a Georgetown Gas Class A that had a kitchen island.  I liked the idea of having so much counter space because I do cook from scratch a lot and have enjoyed my large home kitchen for years.  But ... We probably don't want a Georgetown.

Over the months I have been thinking about how we could achieve the same space.  We did notice that many of the larger Class A's had a decent amount of floor space in the "kitchen" when the slides were open.   Hmmm!

Yesterday when I was at Whole Foods I noticed a gal folding up her demo table.  It was not too wide, and had extended legs that made it about 3' tall.  I asked her if she knew where it had come from, and since it was her's she was able to tell me the source.

It was from Lifetime Products. In the picture it looks a bit flimsy, but her's seemed quite sound. I like the fact that it folds down into 24" x 24" x 3" and has a handle.

  Maybe I could use it as a counter space while I was cooking and fold it up and stow it when not needed.

I could also see using it as a work table outside for my art.   I like to stand when I work, and have been thinking  about building a portable work table that wasn't to bulky and could be broken down for transport.

 Actually I could use more than one!

BUT I'm trying not to buy anything until we actually HAVE an RV,

BUT I could use this at home now.  Maybe I'll order one next week ...
That way if it didn't seem like it would work, I could return it.

BUT the art account is  fat this month...

I think I'll order one now,   It's  tax deductible.


  1. Well, it doesn't look all that expensive, so I'd say it's worth a go for sure!

  2. Go for it!! Then you can try it out, and imagine what it will be like to have down the road. If you don't like it, return it :)

  3. I've seen them at Walmart and maybe even Sams Club.

    We have an outside table that we keep in the MH. When we stay somewhere longer than just a few days, we take it out and we'll put the coffee pot,crockpot, paper towels, etc on it. We tend to spend a lot of time outside and use it there. So if you didn't like it for the kitchen, I'm sure you'd still use it outside.

  4. "48 x 24 in., Adjusts to 22 in. (children's height), 29 in. (table height), and 36 in. (countertop height)"

    I like it! I am thinking to buy it for my son but but it maybe a bit too small for desk usage.

  5. Lots of RVers have this table. I vote BUY!

  6. Leave it to me to come in and throw out the negative vote LOL! You are more than likely (would be hard not to) have more space in your RV than we do, but I recommend finding a temporary solution for your work at home before you leave (with something you already have if you can). Waiting till you have your RV to outfit it is a good move usually. I only say this because I have gone through it repeatedly. Most all those things that seemed like they would be perfect and great ideas turned out to be things we moved out of the way too often and eventually ended up getting dropped at good will etc.

    Just another viewpoint :) Hope it helps.

    97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"

  7. I'm with Mike on this one. I would wait until you have the MH and come up with a temporary solution while you are still in the house. After we went thru months of down-sizing before the house sold, I find that we really don't like having a lot of "stuff" anymore. We try to make do with what we have rather than continuing to fill up the MH. And, who knows, you might have enough countertop space that you won't even need a table. I've got a pull-out cabinet that extends into a big work space. It could depend also on how you plan to full-time, moving frequently or staying put in a State Park are two very different situations for packing and unpacking "stuff". But, if you really think you will use it a lot once you get on the road, then go for it - heck, we only live once.

  8. Merikay, Thank you for your positive comments on my writing in my blog A Camp Host Housewife's Meanderings. Thanks for backreading the posts. My blog has been a labor of love! I look forward to our emerging blog friendship! Oh, I'm with Mike, Margie and Roger.

  9. I have a folding table that is the regular height, but wanted one that I could stand and work at so I just had some PVC pipe cut to slip the legs into. It works for me. I can still sit using a bar stool.

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