Sunday, November 28, 2010

One more box sorted

My daughter and family were here for Thanksgiving.  For 22 years I have had a large "dish pack" box of her things  in our attic.  I asked her to go thru it and set aside what she wanted to keep.  We are driving down to San Diego for Christmas and I will take it to her.  I have decided to just seal up the box and put it out with the trash on Thursday.

One more box gone!

I have some art work to get out this week, and I am meeting Levonne on Tuesday.

I just might start stripping wall paper on Wednesday!  I have the stuff to do it, and it's about time I got back to work on the house.  I had told myself I should complete the sorting of the two front hall closets before I started on the wall paper, but maybe doing the walls will get me motivated to do the closets!

I have been doing a lot of blog reading and thinking about our alternatives.

  At the moment there  many options to think about!  If and when I figure it out, I'll write a post.

Hope you all have a good week, I will be reading.

I'm Still happily sitting in front of the fire every night with my laptop.

Hope you are keeping warm and dry as well.


  1. Either she didn't go through it or nothing in there was anything she wanted to keep. I wish our boys had a place of their own so we could get their stuff out of our storage unit. Their stuff is about 1/4 of what we have in there.

    Looking forward to reading your posts about your thinking and planning and options.

  2. Sitting in front of the fire with the laptop! Now that is heaven! See you Tuesday!

  3. Not a bad idea - we have a garage full of boxes belonging to our kids. I have no idea what's in them - I suspect neither do they! Time to get rid of it!!

  4. I saw a home improvement tv show where they used a steamer to remove wallpaaper. They said you could buy one for $30. You take one of those score tools then use the steamer and it comes off fairly easily.

  5. That fire place sure sounds appealing on a chilly night! :)

  6. I'm still trying to figure out a system that is easy to get rid of stuff without just tossing it out. I can't have a yard sale where I live. I remember when I divorced I took what I wanted and left the rest without worrying about it. LOL

  7. This is unrelated to "One more box sorted"...

    This the the 2nd time it happened, in my Blog Page, when I clicked on your latest posting, I rec'd "page not exist" error.

    Currently, in my Blog page, I'm seeing:

    Merikay's Dreams are Written in Smoke
    I Want to Sign Up!
    20 hours ago


    Does this entry ring a bell to you?


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