Saturday, February 12, 2011

An answer to Rick's blog about blogging

On his blog today Rick talked about why he blogged.  His was an answer to gypsygmas

This was my comment:

I started reading  blogs to learn more about the RV life, and more about how to handle the unique challenges.

I continue for those same reasons, but also to link into the lives of the many virtual friends I have made.

I write my blog to track my journey toward full time RVing. By writing about my goals I give myself something concrete to aim for.

By writing about my accomplishments I give myself a big gold star.  The positive comments I get are virtual pats on the head.  I enjoy them.

I try to comment on all of the blogs I read some of the time.  I can't all of the time because I might not have time, or more probably don't have anything to say.


  1. I think we all blog for ourselves in one way or another. If we like to write, we should write, right??

  2. I'm with you Merikay. I blog for the same reasons. I started blogging as a writing practice but it has grown to encompass more.

  3. I know for myself, when I get busy and don't have time to read or write something, I miss it!

  4. I blog to write and document some stories for my children and grandkiddos.

    The many friends I've made is just icin' on the cake baby!

    God bless ya and have a beautiful weekend sweetie!!!

  5. Well said, Merikay! Sounds like all very good reasons to me!

  6. Good comment there, Merikay! I might also add, that traveling solo, the blog I write and the blogs I read allow me to take a virtual family along with me. :)

    It's reasurring to know they are there if I need them...


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