Saturday, February 26, 2011

Next Wall

Before I get onto the subject of my current painting project, I have to say how sad I have been for the people in New Zealand.  Their latest earthquake was quite devastating. 

We experienced quite a bit of damage and loss here in the 7.1 Loma Prieta quake of 1989. Seeing and hearing about the one in New Zealand brings back a lot of memories.  It makes my work here  seem so very trivial!

That said, heres the update on the dining room:
I finished the door and window sections, and Craig helped me move the plants, table, chairs, organ, and sideboard over to that side of the room.

I had already taken down all of the small pictures, and he helped me take down the moose. 

Good-by Moose. 

Well, not exactly Good-By,  We just put him in the garage. 

 I sent an e-mail to the president of the Moose Lodge last week, but haven't heard anything back.  I really do want to send him somewhere, other than the dump.  

The plants in the foreground of this picture are part of the four large ficus plants that are usually in front of the windows in the dining room.  They started as one, or two small plants in our last house 25 years ago.  I almost killed them many times by not watering them.  About twelve years ago Craig took over responsibility for them and they have flourished.  We have discussed the fact that they to will have to go when we put the house on the market.  They take up to much room and block the views from the windows.  Craig seems to be OK with that.  I hope so anyway.

This is the before picture on this wall.

I edged and painted it today.  Turns out that the high point in the dining room is not as high as the living room, so I was able to reach it by myself from my 8 foot step ladder.

If you look in the left corner of this picture you can see just a bit of the new blue color on the wall!

I considered just painting around and as much behind the hutch as I could and finishing the wall when we moved it out, but Craig wants me to "do it right" and paint the wall behind it now.

To do this we will have to move the hutch.  To move the hutch, I have to empty it first.  It is two separate pieces, and is chained to the wall.  It fell over in the earthquake we had in 1989 and just about everything inside came out and broke!

It will be a good opportunity to do a "first round" removal of things to be sold or otherwise gotten rid of.

The china stays.  We will need it and the glassware at Thanksgiving. 

 I have a few things from my grandmother and my mother that will be kept in storage or at my daughters.

I'm really glad never collected many nicknacks.  I have a few, but they will be easy to part with and will go down to the flea market box.  I'm not going to bother with E-bay.  I have a couple of picture plates that I found for sale on E-bay.  Highest price was $8.00.  Not worth my time to list them.  I will ask $10 for them at the flea market and accept $7.00. 

Well, that's about all for tonight.  Progress is slow, but any progress is good.

Hopefully I'll get some walking done next week!


  1. Why is it that exercise gets put at the bottom of the to do list, I always forget about it until I am getting ready to go to sleep. Although the painting you are doing has to count towards some exercise.

  2. good grief girl, you musn't feel bad about walking when you are doing so much physical labor with the painting right now!

    have you used those furniture sliders before? they are the best darn things ever invented! even with something very heavy, just put one under each corner and you can slide it along all by yourself! use all the time myself at home!

  3. Love the moose! Hope it finds a great new home.

  4. I am impressed by the fact that you or Craig aren't giving up on this work! Like Meowmomma's exercise in itself, up and down the ladder, stairsteps!

    I remember the Loma Prieta very well. We were playing tourist in SF that day, staying on the wharf in a Hojo's. Scary stuff. Kids were little, we couldn't leave the city. Never want to be in one again!

  5. Never thought about China falling from a cabinet in an earthquake. Hmmm...

  6. The worst thing about painting is all the preparation and moving beforehand.

  7. I agree with Rick, the hardest thing about painting is the prep work.
    I like the moose and hope he finds a good home.

  8. how about "free" on Craigs list? We did that with a few larger items we didn't want to bother taking to the dump....

    You're making good progress, but I know it probably doesn't seem that way to you right now.

  9. My parents had their china cabinet fall, also, in an earthquake. It had mementos from their parents, their wedding, and gifts given to my mom by my dad before they were married. Almost everything broke, such a loss. Now it's bolted to the wall.


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