Monday, February 21, 2011

What do you think it is?

I have a mystery...  

In a few corners of our house there are very tiny specks of something dried onto the floor tile.  One of these places is behind the corner of the drapes by a patio door.  Another is just under the cut glass window in the front hall.  The third was in the back corner of the rarely opened front hall closet.

The substance can be removed with a wet cloth.  But it seems like the very tiny specks are in layers rather than something that was sprayed all at once.
The picture above is actually somewhat enlarged.

One thing these places have in common is that they are below spots where spiders weave their webs.  I think I slurp up a spider or three every time I vacuum that corner in the hall, and there sure were a lot of cobbley webs when I took the drapery down. There were webs in the closet too.

It is my guess that it is Spider poo.  

Bears leave scat, birds drop "whitewash," aphids leave "honeydew,"  so what do spiders do?

What do you think?


  1. Hmmm...sounds like a question for Nellie! I guess spiders got to!

  2. spider poop!?..who knows ..hope you solve the mystery!

  3. I think if the local looney bin gots an opening, they don't need look no further than the spider poo lady to fill that slot.

    Good gracious Merikay, what's a body to think? One day you's got snow globes galore, the next you is a dancing to the firey red sunset, and now you got sparkly puddles of spider poo. Whats next, Squirrels Dancin' in the Moonlight?
    You're goin' daft stayin' in that house of yours, you need to be out fulltiming like the rest of us.

    P.S. Nilda was an ailin' today so she asked me to read yer blog and comment. Hope I'm a upholding her ways she got set. I.M.

  4. Spiders weave a web of intrigue! :) Verry Interresting, as that little guy on Laugh In used to say...

  5. Just WOW... Spider poop, they must be smoe BIG SPIDERS!!


  6. my guess is similar since I think it is where a spider webbed' in his prey to let them rot and then slurp their juices... Nellie would be proud of this answer...

  7. Merikay you are a card!!! I can't think of a single thing to say that hasn't already been said....

  8. At first look, I thought it was some kind of mold...but your spider poo theory might right. Hmmm...I don't know much about spiders except that I don't like them and I never hesitate to kill them...IF they invade my space.

  9. I hate spiders and that includes poop.

    Many thanks for your note re-earthquake.

    There have been 4866 quakes since Sept 4th 2010 around Christchurch. 43 of those were today. Considering this is a beautiful, quiet, gentle city it's shocking.

    I'm scared and I live hundreds of miles away. It must be awful for the residents.


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