Sunday, February 20, 2011

Nice Sunset

Nothing much happening today.  Did a little prep in the dining room.  Craig fixed a couple of cracks and I went down and got the first gallon of paint.  I'm switching brands, to the best  Sherman Williams.  It costs a lot more, but maybe I'll be able to get better coverage.

This evening I was sitting with my back to the windows when Craig told me to look at the sunset.  It was gorgeous.

 So I grabbed my little camera and went up the hill where I can see it a little better.

 There are to many trees at house level.  We can't even see the sunset in summer when they all have their leaves.  (The neighbor owns them so there is no hope of trimming!)

Hope all of you who have Monday off enjoy yourselves.

I'll be painting!


  1. If you can take a picture that purrty with a little camera, you'd be way better an them magazine fellers with a big one. I'd say this one is a wall hanger fur sure.

  2. Beautiful sunset picture!

    You'll love Sherwin Williams paint. It's truly a one coat paint and many require two coats to cover beige with beige!

  3. I will think of you painting while I enjoy a day off. We got 7" of snow last night, and I'm thrilled I can watch it in my jammies today :)

  4. Too bad you can't get Abe and
    George to help with the painting! :)

  5. Beautiful sunset. I'm thinking all the snow is gone already. You asked how much the Wi-Fi is in the park. We just signed up for 3 days which is $5.95. I think it was around $30 for the month which is typical. We have an aircard, but we were getting close to our limit this month, so I paid the extra for 3 days while we're here. Don't work too hard, it's a holiday.

  6. Beautiful sunset!! Thanks for sharing with us.

  7. Oh the dreadful paint job, I feel for you and Craig!

    Beautiful sunset indeed.


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