Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Before pictures of the Dining Room

Before I get into pictures of my next big project, I want to go back for a moment to the spider's potty place.  A few hours after publishing my post yesterday I Googled "Spider Poo."  I was very surprised to find other people have asked this question.  I blogged about it just for  "comic relief" although I  wondered if that was what the tiny spots were.  My conclusion is that yes that's what they were.
Spider poop.  Would you believe there is even a video of a spider pooping!

CAUTION if spiders creep you out don't look at the video

Now the before pictures:
In getting ready to paint the dining room, I moved the table, chairs, and plants to one side.  I'm going to paint half the room, move everything again and then do the other half.
I have decided not to paint the ceiling.

  Craig thought I should, because thats what we have always done, but since we don't smoke anymore, it's in fine shape. 

 I should get up there and dust it, but that is just part of a normal good cleaning.

The room has two doors, a patio door, and five large windows.  

Lots of cut-in to do.
  The windows have brown metal vertical blinds. 

 They are rarely pulled, but when the sun is bright on the hottest days of summer, the blinds keep the heat out.  

The little rods above and between the windows are for the sheer curtains that are being replaced.

I have chosen a very light blue paint color.  It echos one of the colors in the area rug that is below the table. 

The room itself is about 15' by 25'.  I can do most of the painting, but like the living room there are places  I cannot reach from my step ladders, and Craig will have to go up the extension ladder to paint them.

Perhaps when I'm finished I will to try to do  a panorama room!  It would be good practice. 

If it works out, I'll post it of course!  


  1. It's amazing what you can learn from reading blogs. I can honestly say I never contemplated spider poo before. Thanks for sharing. Good luck with the painting. Before you know it the dining room will be done, and you'll have one more project to check off the to-do list!

  2. Oh sure, regale us with tles of spider poo and then warn us not to watch the video if spiders creep us out...as IF! LOL!! Spiders DO creep me out but of course I couldn't resist such a scientific video. EWWWW-YUK! Somebody needs to make itty-bitty Pampers for those critters! Good luck on the painting and don't inhale any of those fumes...who knows what you might write...hahahahaha.

  3. You crack me up :) Now I can say I've seen a spider poop :)

  4. eeeuuuwwww! Spider poop!!!

  5. spider poop!!...eegads!!..nice work on getting organized for painting!!

  6. You are really into your project Merikay! I am so proud of you! I love seeing and hearing about your progress towards your dream. I don't think your dreams are written in smoke anymore. You might have to change the name of your blog! Shall we get together in March?


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