Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Do you write posts and then delete them?

I do. 

 Quite often.  

I delete them if they are to negative, or to whiny, or to critical. 

I delete them if they don't make  sense, or don't seem like they would be interesting to others.  

Not that I think most posts I write are interesting, sometimes I just write to keep track of what I'm doing and publish the post for myself.

I find writing  helps me think things thru, or vent my feelings, but when I do this I delete rather than publish.  

Sometimes I just leave a post in the draft state for a while.  I find revisiting my feelings helps me deal with them. 

Does anyone else do this?


  1. I have my days where I would love to share what I really am thinking and feeling but I don' is frustrating is hard to positive with every post..
    somedays I feel very stifled and censored because I can't say what I really want..have a good one..we all have those darn 'skeletons' in our closets..

  2. Yes, I do this sometimes. I pulled a whole post after publishing it awhile back. Sometimes I will go back & either pull paragraphs out or re-write them before publishing. I have a drafts folder of writings I chose not to publish at the last minute. Sometimes I have gotten up in the night, turned on the computer, pulled up the previous night's post, re-written, added or eliminated something. We may have some 'perfect' bloggers out here but I am not one of them. I too am one as well who has to keep a tight lid on what I really think about a lot of things. Once and awhile a little bit squeaks out & the 'hawks' are always quick to take advantage & pounce. Good for you in having the courage & honesty to talk about your feelings. I have great respect for people who can do that......

  3. I have never deleted a whole post. Sometimes after I write a sentence or two, I may reread it before I post and not like the way it sounds and change it or take it out. For the most part I don't think that I censor myself. The only type of censoring I guess is that there are topics I just don't cover in my blog. Like politics, for example. I feel pretty strongly about certain topics but I just don't go there in my blog.

  4. I think we all either delete some posts or rewrite them after we think about what we just wrote. I know I do.

    Your blog is your blog and you should be able to use it however you like.

    I think a blog is a good place to help keep track of things you want to remember. For instance, I always think I will remember the crummy weather in the southeast during the spring months, but next year I may not remember exactly which months were the worst. If I write something on my blog, I can go back and reference it and hopefully avoid being in an area during tornado season!

    It's your blog and you can write whatever you like. You might be surprised that your blog friends would find your thoughts and feelings interesting.

    Keep doing what you're doing. I like your blog!

  5. I use to vent my feelings in an email and say exactly what I wanted to say... then delete it. But this simple exercise made me feel immensely better...

  6. I usually publish about everything. I'm pretty much "out there," anyway. When I have something I'm not sure about, I've left it in draft till I made up my mind. And for my really private thoughts .... I have a blog that no one knows about where I sometimes let it all out.

  7. I think we all do editing of some sort. I've never pulled an entire post, but certainly I've eliminated some stuff. For instance, I'd like to talk about how utterly awful I felt last night, but who would be interested in that?

  8. I'm like heyduke, I haven't done it on the blog but many times I've written an email to someone when I was upset and then deleted it before it was ever sent. It was usually about something that really upset me and once I got it written down I was either over it or realized how petty I was being. I think the exercise of putting it into the written work helps us clarify our thinking.

  9. I write, rewrite and rewrite again -- all the time, trying to be perfect -- which I'm not! There's a lot I do not say, as far as my feelings, opins, etc -- on some things, prob because I assume no one wants to really hear them -- guess that's why I don't write every day. Don't think I've ever pulled a complete post, but I have rewritten parts after it's been published.

  10. I've never pulled or deleted a post but, like most folks, if I have time, I may go back and edit it a bit usually to make it shorter.

    I usually write most of my posts at night before I go to bed, so I don't really have a lot of time for second guessing.

    'Venting, skeletons and tight lids' sure sound like interesting blog topics though!!

  11. Merikay, I like the way you've written this post. I like your definite statements and your questions. I hardly ever write a post then delete because I am using the post for writing practice and have it more or less planned before getting it close to publishing. But nevertheless, blogging assists me in working through feelings and taking inventory of my life.

  12. I usually read it aloud to George first (if he's awake!), then post it. If it doesn't sound right aloud..I delete parts.

  13. I've never deleted one. Though I probably should have on occasion. Sometimes I think I shoul delete the entire "travel blog" since I'm not really, well .... traveling right now.

    Is that an RV I see through the smoke? I think that's new, isn't it?

  14. Yer the person who are knowed as the animal head lady and yer thinkin' yer posts mite be uninterestin'? Even if what y'all write ain't yer best, it are still gonna be interestin'. What I.M. sayin' are don't go sellin' yerownself short. Remember, it are the writin' that counts, not the rightin'.

  15. I have several things in my drafts folder that I will hae to rewrite or delete. I changed some of my earlier posts before I told my friends and family about the blog. I may have mentioned some of them in the blogs and didn't think it was right for them to be reading about themselves. I very rarely type and hit "post". I usually review it, and I will go back and correct spelling, etc if I notice it later.

  16. I have a ton of blogs I've started/written, but never posted. Every once in a while, I go through and give them a look, sometimes I post, mostly not.


  17. I've had one or two that I deleted completely. After re-reading them, they were so boring to me, I figured - Why would anyone else be interested in this? Usually when it's a rant, but I love reading about other people's rants!

    I always save and read the Preview to see how it looks and sounds, and then check it again once I Publish it. I'm kid of OCD that way. But it sounds like that's pretty normal when reading other comments.

    I do monitor myself as far as certain topics, though. Some family things, politics, religion, if I'm upset with someone. I don't post those things.

  18. Do you mean delete the post where you rant about your husband..or the one where you are so broke you don't have grocery money or the one where your parents (in their 80's) are making you feel like crap? Oh yeah baby I write..then put in draft..then I wait...then I delete...but boy it felt great to put it out there...even if it was just to
    You keep doing what MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD!!

    And for the post you wrote yesterday..I KNOW what you are feeling.We haven't left yet...and probably won't now.I occasionaly write on my rv blog just to let people know I am alive.Thank goodnees I had another blog to keep writing!!

    Hugs from Tx..Cindy from rick-rack and gingham


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