Thursday, May 19, 2011

Foolish Dream.

I've given up.

 I accept the fact that it was a foolish dream created for the wrong reason.

So no more talk about RV living.  No more dream.

I will  keep reading all of your blogs, but I don't think I will keep posting.

Thank You all for your support all of this time, but not everyone can make it.


  1. You are a natural writer. Keep writing. Whether you post it or not, keep writing. Don't delete it.
    For every post I write, there is another I don't, yet.
    I will miss your writing. It's fresh and original.
    The RV thing is not as important as you and the people you've reached through posting.
    Keep writing.

  2. Merikay, when you feel like talking about it, we will listen. I don't know what happened, but just know you've made some friends out here in blog land and we're going to worry about you until we know you are okay.

  3. I hope you keep blogging about your art and other things that you do. You have so much energy. I was amazed reading about all of the stuff you did in your house. Sometimes cleaning an purging clears the path for us to know what we want.

  4. I second Karen's comment...sometimes talking about things can be helpful, even if it doesn't change anything. Although it may seem strange to think that people you have never met care about your well-being, it is true. :) We are here to listen whenever you feel like talking...

  5. Merikay..

    Please don't give up on your dream. It's not unreachable. If you need to talk, we're all here for you..

  6. So, you've decided not to pursue fulltime RVing. Not to make light of it, but big deal! You're still you. And, we enjoy reading about you and whatever you're up to. I, for one, am eager to hear about your next dream.

    When you're ready, we'll be here.

  7. Merikay, don't forget that sometimes we put timelines on our dreams that turn out to be unrealistic, or other limitations that are not in our control. Don't give up the dream, but pull back for a while and let the dust settle. You never know.

    I agree with the others .... don't stop blogging. Take a break if you must, but don't stop completely. The connections you've made are precious.

  8. Merikay I don't know what has happened to destroy your dream, but please don't quit writing. I enjoy what you write and in writing you may just find the answer that right now eludes you. Hang in there.

  9. Dear Merikay,
    I hope you will change your mind about not blogging. It's truly a gifted writer who can make peeling off wallpaper seem exciting. :) God Bless.

  10. Oh my goodness. What a surprise. Please keep writing. My thoughts are with you...

  11. Hold on to your dream Merikay. All is not lost........

  12. my bloggy friend Merikay....

    blogging and RVing are two seperate things!!! just because you have the feeling that the dream of becoming an RVer isn't going to work out for you does not mean that you should not be a blogger!!!! you have at least one friend on here right now who is not in an RV and that in Lyn! so please stay with us!!!

    there is no foolish dream!!! just some unrealized dreams....

  13. What a shock! I hope you do decide to keep writing your blog. Take care.

  14. dreams never die..just the dreamer..keep at it Merikay..we have felt the way you do many times over the past year or so..sometimes things seem so far out of reach that it just is impossible to ever fathom that it will ever happen..and then you get the 'naysayers' who try to 'rain on your parade'!..hang in there..keep on writing!..we are all out here in blogville reading what ever you write about..doesn't have to be about rving!..

  15. no reason not to start a new dream and keep us informed...

  16. Merikay - we don't read your blog just because it's an rv blog. We read it because we are interested in you, the person. I think most of us started out with rving as a goal and some of us made it. But it doesn't work out for everybody. Some find they hate the lifestyle after only a year on the road. Others can't afford it. But that doesn't mean they aren't our friend anymore. So please don't leave us.

  17. Merikay, I have so enjoyed getting to know you a bit through this blog world. True, it is often about RVing or getting ready to RV, but it also so much about life and dreams and even failures. It's about connecting in a way that we often don't manage in our busy world. I will think of you and hope that you will share more of your humor and stories and thoughts and dreams. Dreams can shift, but don't give up on them entirely. You have added much to this community, not just through your blog, but through your kind comments and thoughts that you share on other's blogs as well. take care, Merikay.

  18. Merikay,

    I also have a spouse who does not want to travel. I have struggled with this conflict for years so I think I have a good idea of the dynamics you hint at.

    It's difficult to accept (and I've never really made peace with it - the anger, hurt, and frustration flare up way too often).

    There are 3 solutions. The first -leave the marriage - is unacceptable to me. Staying home when I long to see Glacier NP before I die is equally unacceptable. The third - go alone - is NOT unacceptable. Is it to you?

    However, I do not want to full-time. (That would make the situation much worse). But I would like to share these future travel experiences with the person I love most. But it's just never gonna happen.

    I have, however, found a great network of people who RV that I can meet up with. I have a list of rallys and get-togethers for every month of the year so I'm ready when I get my still-hypothetical RV. But I am not afraid to go alone either. Are you?

    There are so many women out there traveling solo!!!

    The sadness in your voice is very familiar to me and I wish you peace in your decision.


  19. Oh my, I'm a little late in reading blogs and this certainly caught me by surprise. The title "Foolish Dream" makes me sad. If it was your dream to full-time, it wasn't foolish - it just may have been a different dream than your spouse had. Surely a compromise can be found. I sure hope you keep blogging though, no matter what direction your life goes. Hey, and think of how much better your house looks now! Hang in there, Merikay, we all care about you and your dreams.

  20. I'm so sorry, Merikay. Since your life is going in a different direction than you'd hoped it would, I'm another online friend who hopes you won't stop writing about it. We WILL meet someday.

  21. Please don't stop writing or dreaming. I believe that the work you have done to remove the clutter and improve your home will creat new opportunities as yet revealed. Keep working, keep writing, explore new dreams.

  22. Merikay, I don't know about you, but writing the blog is therapy for me. I put my thoughts and feelings in front of me which allows me to focus on what is going on in my life at that moment. It sounds like you are coming to a reality that may or may not be true - that you will never be a fulltimer. That alone is a milestone, now you can deal with the reality and accept it or change it. Once you see how that reality settles, you will be prepared for the next step. Good for you. But, don't give up the support that you get from your blogging buds......

  23. Merikay, I'm behind in reading blogs and just read this. Everyone has already said it...but especially Kimbopolo. Hang in there but don't stop blogging! We are all following because we enjoy your writing, regardless of the topic! Hugs!!!

  24. Merikay,

    Keep blogging!! Here, here!

    I am not an RVer and to be honest, I cannot remember how I came across your blog. I think I did a google search related to dreams or something - ha ha! After browsing through your blog posts that were available when I found your blog, I put you in my "favorites" and I check in from time to time, usually about once a week.

    You DO make peeling wallpaper exciting, and I look forward to checking in and seeing what new goals you've set for yourself and where your projects take you.

    My mother has the same can-do attitude as you and adventurous spirit, and my father is...well, less-than-enthused about many of her ideas for adventure. I see the struggles you describe with Craig as very similar to those my mother has, and I have recommended your blog to her.

    Your blog is about so much more than RVing, I hope you continue to write. I'll be reading as long as you do so!

  25. Wow, with my internet problems (bad batter in my G4 unit) I'm missed a lot of blogs and am now catching up. I started at the whale bones post and am going backwards. This one really hit me.

    Marriages are made up of give and take, and just because one person doesn't want something, doesn't mean there can't be a compromise, or that you can't still fulfill you dream. Small self-contained Class B or C rigs are easy to drive, and can be taken anywhere for short or longer trips.

    Travel with a group or with a friend, or travel to a rally to meet up and enjoy other RVers. You can still do it. You just need to get used to the idea of doing it by yourself.

    I hope you still follow your dream, but maybe in a different way. We might have to drive to your area to meet for lunch! :)


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