Friday, May 20, 2011

A Little Explaination

First off I was amazed and much encourage by the supportive and sincere comments you all left for me on yesterday's blog.

Nothing terrible nor dramatic happened.  I am OK.  Sad, but OK.

The "crisis" has been developing for well over a month.  It mostly is in answer to having different priorities and different outlooks, as well as the fact that Craig and I rarely actually talk to each other about anything beyond what's for dinner.

That said, short of taking off by myself, (which may happen) I just don't see making plans to do anything.   So no more talk of dreams...

So,  what have I been up to this month?

I had several orders for animal heads early this month and they kept me busy.  Two horses to a ranch in California, a deer to the UK, a Leopard to Oklahoma, and a Panda to North Carolina.  Yesterday I had two orders, but they were both for the book I wrote some years ago so all I had to do was put then in Flat Rate envelopes and mail them. One to Ireland. 

Yesterday was one of the first "nice" days we have had this spring.  It has been rainy and gloomy forever.  I got my butt in gear and did a dirty spring job.  We have a tandum garage (where the bird tried to build the nest a few weeks ago) that has a half door.  Over the winter leaves and dirt blow into it.  I cut a large pile of kindling wood (from scrap and pallets) and pile it up in there in assorted boxes.

Fireplace season is over so it was time to clean it all up and sweep out the area.  Yuck.  Dirty!  I also keep a bunch of rat and mouse traps bated in there.  I check them often, but sometimes they just disappear.  I found three with dried up critters in them.  Double Yuck!

Today I am going on an adventure by myself.  In yesterday's newspaper there was an article about the wildflowers in the parks and which were the best right now.  As soon as I'm done writing this I'm off to Wilder Ranch State Park in Santa Cruz.

Pictures will be posted.

Once again thank you all so much for your comments.  It feels good to know I have friends out there.  You are all REAL.

And finally welcome to Jim and Sandie.  I hope to be able to share some local adventures this summer!


  1. I'm glad it isn't crisis, Merikay. And given what you say here, it is probably best to hold off; you need to on the same page before leaving the stick home behind and being together 24/7 in the smaller home-on-wheels. That could be just miserable!! Good luck on sorting it all out!

  2. I haven't read blogs in a few days, so what a shock when I read your post from a few days ago! I love your positive energy. Everyone gets down once in a while, but I know your positive attitude will prevail. When Kevin first started talking about his full-time dream, I wasn't too supportive of the idea at all. Then some life circumstances happened, and I changed my priorities. You never know what will happen. I hope you keep a little spark of your dream alive. In the meantime, I love that you're living your life by enjoying friends, nature, family and your creative artistic side. And, you guys can enjoy all the work you've done on your house until you're ready for the next chapter. Please don't stop blogging. Your friends would miss you!

  3. Good for you in heading off on your own to the Wilder Ranch State Park. I think a good solid sense of practical independence is a healthy thing. Hope you enjoyed your day & are already planning some more outings. You Go Girl:))

  4. I think you need to have dreams, Merikay. Yours may just need to shift a little, that' all. :)

  5. I'll never forget an RV class I attended a few years ago. The guy who taught the class was a lone RVer. Not that he wasn't married but he traveled alone. His wife absolutely did not want to go anywhere in the RV, she wanted to stay home and quilt. So for several months out of the year, he would RV and make occasional trips home to visit her before going back out again. He told us that it really worked for them and that was all that mattered. So there are all kinds of people out on the road with all types of life stories. Do what you enjoy and don't give up on your dream. You can make it work somehow.

  6. Life circumstances threw us a curve and we jumped in as fulltimers rather quickly. During our work life, we worked different shifts and hardly saw each other...then all of a sudden we were thrown together 24/7 -- talk about an adjustment. I wasn't sure we would make it, but we did. Glad you are keeping busy -- even if some of it is yukky! It will all work out. God bless!

  7. I was glad to hear from you again today, Merikay. :) Whether or not you RV, or even if you're dreaming a new dream, I hope you do keep blogging. I would miss hearing what is going on in your little corner of the world! :)

  8. Good for you for taking charge of your own life and being responsible for your own happiness. There is nothing wrong with going out and enjoying nature on your own if that is how it is working out for you right now. The important thing is that you do something that makes you happy. There are many ways to achieve a dream and your solution may be different from others' but don't give up. Somehow, someday, you will find a way.

  9. Merikay. Those "I feel so happy and grateful now..." statements can really stir things up. Sounds as though you got closer to something. I want you to be happy and if changing your dream does that, that's the right thing for you. Now, guess what?!? I actually got excited yesterday after John said he wanted to sail the Carribean. I thought, hmmmm...maybe that sailing thing could be fun. That's a shift for ya! He knows what motivates me now. Who knows where life takes you if you stay open.

  10. I think it is good you recognize that you both need to be on the same page in order to RV full time but I don't think you need to give up your dream of seeing this country and visiting the wild places. It may take a different form or route. I remember the times you talked about walking in the National Parks, and I think you should keep that dream alive but you may get to do it in a different way, maybe longer trips. Even those of us out on the road don't all do it the same way. Some of us have homes still, some go out for only 6 months at time, some are full timers who know it is only for a few years, some just go out on extended trips but we all have a similar goal, to see this great country. I hope you keep the dream but maybe adjust the method according to life's circumstances. Most of all we hope you keep sharing with us all for as you can see by all the comments we would truly miss you.

  11. When I was in the SOLOs group of the Escapees, there were several folks who traveled solo willingly...because their spouse didn't want to. It's not unheard of. I'd start off with some mini-vacations...some YOU time. Hugs!


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