Thursday, March 8, 2012

Black Bean Soup and Lentils

A couple of followers asked for the recipe for the slow cooker black bean soup I made last weekend.  I'm not going to post it because I don't think it turned out very well.  It was a recipe that came in the little book with the cooker, and used dried black beans.  Even though I had soaked them overnight, and simmered them all day, they were still pretty hard.  The seasonings weren't great either.  So if you really want a Black Bean recipe, look for one that uses canned ...

On the other hand, I would like to share my best personal food discovery in years.  

Trader Joe's Steamed Lentils!

They are refrigerated, and vacuum packed, so they will keep well in the fridge. 

They can be used in many ways, both in cool salads or warmed in the microwave, with or without any additional seasonings.

Their nutritional numbers are excellent.

1/2 cup, which is just about right for a side dish, is only 120 calories, a whopping 8g fiber, and 20g Carbs with only 2g of those as sugar. 
 Their glycemic index number is good too.  Somewhere between 30 and 40. Mashed potatoes are over 100.
They are also a good source of protein, 9g.

Whenever I try a new food, I like to try it in it's simplest form. In this case unseasoned,  warmed in the microwave as specified on the package. 

 They were really good!  And very satisfying.  I've stopped eating potatoes and have been experimenting with a variety of grains.  These lentils were even better than mashed Yukon golds!

This morning I added a left over 3/4 of them to a can of basic low sodium chicken broth and had a very filling and satisfying breakfast for less than 200 calories.  WITH 10g of fiber!

There are a couple of my e-friends who have had or are going to have bariatric surgery.  As you resume eating small amounts of food, these might work well for you.  I could imagine scooping just a tablespoon or two from the package for your mini meals.  Ask your dietitian about them.

My next few posts will probably be about food.  I mentioned I had lost ten pounds (it's more like 13 now) and I would like to share some of my healthier food choices.


  1. we don't have access to those here, but I do make them myself from dried, in the microwave, a few times a week. Sometimes I'll do brown rice & lentils. Please share any tips you have! I've been at a plateau for a year now :-(

  2. Looking forward to hearing about some of your healthier food choices, as Lolita and I are in the slimming mode as well. Think we will try some Trader Joe Lentil's also. Thanks also for the tip on locating home repair people.

  3. Hey Merikay. Looks as though you and Craig are having a good time getting out and about in the RV. And I really like your hair longer. Nice. And congratulations on loosing thirteen pounds! I so need to follow your lead! Take care and see you in a few weeks maybe?

  4. I like Traders Joe's but its hard to find the stores while traveling. I've never tried lentils, will have to give them a try. I always buy canned beans, not enough patience to wait for them to soak.

  5. Thanks Merikay for another great find at Trader Joes. We haven't been near one for awhile but plan on visiting one soon. I find so many great foods there. I haven't tried lentils yet and this sounds like a good way to try a new food.

  6. Thanks Merikay, that sounds like a good thing to have on hand. I like to make soup with a dry 13 bean mix I buy in bulk. I think it has lentils in it but I have never tried them alone. Sounds good.

  7. I will give these a try. I'm a potato addict, so I hope I like them!

  8. Congrats Merikay! Unfortunately, I found them - want them back?? ;-)

  9. Thank you for one more food choice that I can eat in small portions.

  10. You are a dream, thank you for the information. We made a black bean soup using dried beans and the recipe on the back of the bag of beans (with some of our own personal touches). Turned out great! The recipe called for bacon, but we stuck in an old ham bone with some attached meat instead. The beans came from Safeway, their own brand, and we boiled them, let them stand for an hour, and they were fine -- cooked 'em ten hours on low.

  11. Lentils are good in all kinds of ways. I look forward to hearing more of the healthy food choices. I want a recipe for not eating sweet stuff when I feel tired and run down! :0


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