Monday, March 12, 2012

Say Cheese

Cheese ... Delicious or Deadly?

On my current eating protocol I have decided to avoid dairy.  For me, milk is not a problem, I don't like milk. But many recipes I love include milk or cream.  I will have to evaluate them as I go. We rarely use butter, nnd I have recently switched to "Almond Smooth" as a liquid to wet down my cereal in the morning.

But avoiding cheese may be harder. Before I started this I would often eat cheese on a daily basis.  In salads, in soups, on sandwiches, or just as an easy snack.  I know night eating is very bad, but sometimes a few ounces of cheese would find themselves in my tummy after midnight. You know, get up, visit potty, open fridge, eat what is easiest.  For me, that would have been ice cream or cheese!

Why avoid cheese?  Calories from fat. Most cheese is at least 75% fat, and that means lots of calories without much redeeming nutritional value.  If I want to stay under 1500 calories and get at least 30 grams of fiber, I cannot eat cheese.

I've been reading articles on both sides.  I may still eat or cook with a very limited amount of cheese from time to time.  But not as much as before.  Mac and Cheese, cheese sandwiches and cheese burgers are definitely out. Vegetables are to good by themselves to smoother with cheese sauces. 

Pizza on the other hand may be the exception.

 Small, thoughtful changes are often the ones that will stick.

One thing I do know is that since I have started this new way of eating, my knee is no longer swollen from arthritis.  I expected joint pain after our hike in the Pinnacles, but it didn't happen.

No cheese ... No joint pain and swelling? Or maybe it is not drinking wine.  Or both.

By the way, last night I got up hungry.  I ate four "Ones" the individually wrapped prunes from Sun Sweet.  120 calories, 3 grams fiber, 24 grams carbs.  GI 29.  GI = Glycemic index.  >50 is low.


  1. That Wisconsin cheese was sure good! Sounds like you're doing very well with your food choices. Good for you!

  2. I haven't eaten prunes in ages and I really like them. I did notice some packages now say "dried plums" instead of idea I guess.

  3. Cheese is hard to give up, but I'm thinking it's worth it for us, too. We've been more energetic, I think. Moving around doesn't feel like punishment. Way to go with your knee! I blame the cheese 100% and the wine 0%.


  4. I've never eaten cheese - I really really don't like it. But prunes rank up as one of my favorite foods. However, I need to limit how many I eat at one time - for obvious reasons. lol

  5. I have to say, cheese would be one of the hardest things for me to give up. I actually don't eat a lot of it, but imagining my diet without ....? Whew! But I understand. I gave up a number of things I thought I could not live without. And I lived anyway!!

    Good luck, Merikay!

  6. I've read about a few studies that link cheese with cancer (amoung other things). Seems like a good thing to give up or at least eat in moderation (note to self: moderation!).

  7. Keep up the good work - I admire you for doing this. I don't have that kind of dedication right now.
    A good diet does make one feel better though.


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