Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hiking Boots

After trying on several brands of hiking boots over the last few days, I decided on these:

Merrell Moab Ventilator Mid.

I found the women's Merrells were too narrow for my feet, and tried the men's instead.  They fit better and except for the "periwinkle" inside on the women's they look the same.

I'm still looking at walking sticks.  I find the prices somewhat offensive.  I might just look around our forest for a good staff and trim it to a pleasing length.  Or convert one of our ski poles to a walking stick by removing the basket.  

On the subject of food, I have been doing very well on choosing snacks.  Edamame, sliced peppers, and celery have been pleasing afternoon munchies.  

Yesterday, after boot shopping, I was able to "pass" on a fast food lunch by popping into a grocery store and buying a pint of grape tomatoes.

Ate the whole thing while driving home! 

 Before the change I would have bought a bag of chips, a couple of candy bars, doughnuts, or a burger and fries. 

I have also been sure I have had a filling healthy breakfast before leaving the house.  

 I often went out of my way to stop at a small local cafe that made the best burritos to go,  but they stuck to my ribs, and belly, and thighs long after the grease was wiped from my hands. 

No more Nonno's burritos for me!

Have you made any healthy changes lately? 


  1. Good looking boots. You should be able to get some mileage out of those. Good looking tomatoes too...I can't get enough of those little guys, especially when I grow them myself and eat them right off the vine, still warm from the sun.

  2. nice looking boots you got today!..good for you for your snack choice!..not a big fan of tomatoes..but I would have chosen grapes instead!!

  3. I'm going to try and give 'Blood Sugar Solution' a try starting Sunday. No caffeine, no sugar, no white anything. Healthier eating!
    Wish me inspired me!

  4. Hope you enjoy many miles in your Merrills. They look great! As far as the trekking sticks go, I have a pair that are REI brand that I love and have used for years. There's a similar pair for $70 and REI has a 20% off sale going until April 15. I really appreciate how lightweight and adjustable they are. (Saves the knees!!!) Hope that helps! Happy hiking!!

  5. Gin's boots are just like those and she says that they were comfortable from the start with no break-in time. I encourage you to get good trekking poles. They really do help save the knees.

  6. well done on your eating choices! I'm trying to do the same, but failing miserably - keep posting and I'll be inspired :-)

  7. I don't know why, but I'm attracted to hiking boots lately! Maybe it's because I'm anxious to get all this medical stuff out of the way & get walking & hiking again.
    Glad you found a comfy pair. I found a killer deal a couple of weeks ago, so bought 2 pair.
    Those tomatoes look great. I love all of them :-9

  8. I bought a pair of Merrills last year and love them. I had to go up two sizes to get them to fit, but they are so comfortable. I read on someones blog that Walmart sells hiking sticks for a reasonable price. I have one stick which I bought in Colorado last year. It was great for hiking in the Rocky Mountains. I haven't used it much since as hiking in the desert is mostly flat :)

  9. Well, Merikay, for your knees, if you can, just spend the money. Good walking/trekking poles are WAY different than a hiking staff. They are light, and easy to use, and balance you because there are two of them. Best thing in the world for all those down parts of the trail. I absolutely LOVE my walking sticks, mine are Black Diamond. Cheaper but better than some of the pricier brands that are highly advertised. Good luck.

  10. You'll love those boots. I am due for new boots and Merrels are definitely one I am looking at. Enjoy the hiking!

  11. I would so love to be able to wear a pair of boots. Or shoes with a heel. The screws in my ankle rub against the heel and hurts so bad I really can't stand it. Wonder if I could have the screws taken out. I would have chosen grapes cause I'm not a tomato person, but my hubby would have fought you for them.

  12. Your hiking boots look just like a pair I ordered from Amazon last month, mine are Hi-Tec all terrain mid wp. I also ordered a pair of hiking poles, but have not tried those yet. Luckily the boots were very comfortable right from the start, but I haven't worn them on any long hikes yet. Healthy food choices, making them all the time, but I have had some snacks here at my daughters house, but we are both still losing weight each week, so we must be doing ok. I also talk myself out of stopping at fast food places when I am rushing around, I usually carry some snack bars or a bag of seeds, nuts and dried fruit with me and a bottle of water.

  13. I got my walking sticks at Walmart. I didn't think the price was high. I haven't used them yet, though, because I always have Katie's leash in one hand and my camera in the other. I'm going to have to wait until I take a hike without her, where the poles are needed.

    I love those little tomatoes - but they are acidic and I can't eat that many.

    Good for you - you are really sticking with this new plan. It will pay off for you big time in many ways.

  14. Your doing such a great job with your life changes. I have gotten into walking again and I have been very careful of what I eat. Standing at the check out is the hardest thing. All those reese candy bars staring at me. But I have kept my hand on the handle of the shopping cart. I to love those tomatoes.
    I like the boots I wonder if I go for the mens I can wear them without the toe problem.


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