Thursday, March 22, 2012

I'm going to try a BBQ Pizza soon

Next time I make a pizza it will be on the BBQ. I think the whole wheat crust will hold up to grilling better than a regular thin-crust. 

From your comments, it seems like there is some interest in making it that way, and I'm willing to give it a try.

 Although using a whole wheat crust is an improvement, the best thing you can do to make a pizza healthier is to not include the sausage and cheese. 

Has anyone made a pizza on a Webber Q or other gas grill? How have you done it? Do you use a pizza stone?

I've seen something on the web about par-grilling the crust.   


  1. I've never tried that it sounds awesome!! :)~


  2. Don't think I can do pizza without cheese on the grill or not. :)

  3. I cook pizza on our Holland gas grill all of the time, it is an indirect convection type though, so I can't vouch for other types of grills.

    If you have no problems with food burning if left on the grate for 20 minutes or more you should be OK.

    If things tend to cook a bit quickly, use a thicker cooking pan or double up on pans to prevent scorching.

    Let me know how it goes, we love grilled pizza, and we make it without cheese with any sort of ingredients that tickle our fancy...a great secret ingredient if you like "white" sauce is use Ranch dressing, it's what Pappa Murphy uses, (secret revealed by late night employee with little coaxing), with a dollop of garlic to liven it up.

    We have been "Offline" for a while, (two months or so goofing off), and it's great to catch up with your adventures!

  4. You are an incredibly adventuresome chef Merikay! I love your upward climb into increased health! Hi to Craig!

  5. Can't speak to the pizza thing, but as I told you recently, I too am trying to lose weight.

    No cheese. Nothing fried. I'm taking fiber supplements.

    What am I eating? At lunnch it's usually this->


  6. I've always wanted to bbq a pizza on our Weber Grill. Looking forward to hearing how it went.

  7. Merikay - This is in response to your "Why, Why Not" page.

    I also have an incredible amount in my sound system. Many people consider it way over the top but I am one of those that can't do something half way, it's either the best I can afford to do or I won't do it.

    Music sounds so much better on an excellent system, it takes on a life of its own. Listening to Nora Jones or Stevie Ray Vaughan puts you right there in the concert seats.

    It's one of the things I'll miss most if we end up full timing some day.

  8. I have been gone for a couple of weeks, so trying to catch up on all of the blogs I read. Saw this and thought I would comment. My best friends makes all of her pizzas on the BBQ grill. It's really good. Because you can get the grill to hot (she has her round 700 to 750 degrees) it comes out a lot like it would from a pizza oven. She just puts a pizza stone in the grill to cook the pizza on. But you do have to watch it. It cooks fast. I think the thin crust one I had cooked in about 7 min. Good luck


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