Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lunch at the Ahwahnee

Friday was a rest and recovery day for us.  One of my weight loss strategies is to avoid eating in restaurants, especially fast food or Denny's-type places. Most of the time I either pack a little lunch or we eat a bigger breakfast and skip lunch.  I almost always make dinner in the Alfa.
On this trip we did eat lunch out on the two days when the Alfa was being worked on, because we had to get going so early and Craig didn't have time for breakfast. 

But we also are establishing a tradition of eating in the main dining room of the National Park Lodges we visit. Thus, on Friday, we decided to have a low-key day wandering around the Yosemite Valley and having lunch at the Ahwahnee Hotel.

It was good, but not as special as the dinner we had had there ten years or so ago. After lunch we explored the hotel and its immediate grounds.

One could imagine rich tourists playing lawn tennis or croquet on the lawn in years long past.

A sign from another time.  

During our visit to Yosemite we did not see much wildlife.  A few deer, this fat little Sierra Fence lizard, some quail and large ravens or crows.  No bears. 

I did see one unwelcome critter: the much dreaded Deer Mouse.  It got zapped in one of the electronic traps I have set in our basement bays.

Makes me feel like buying the traps was a good investment, given the Hantavirus scare in the park right now.  I'm glad we didn't unknowingly transport it back to our own forest, or have one start a family in the Alfa!

Saturday was the dreaded "go home day".  It's easier to get going when you have been dry camping and don't have any hookups to disconnect. 

 There is no dump station up at the Crane Flat campground, so we decided to stop at the Mariposa Fairgrounds on our way home.  They usually charge $20 to dump if you aren't camping there, but because we had been there for two nights the weekend before we were not charged.

The dry camping went well.  We were a little careful with our power and water. I wish the campground spot itself had been a little more level, but the ranger explained that because it was a natural area, they were hesitant about improving the sites. 

I'm sure we will dry camp again, but not for weeks at a time like some people do. 

I'm already plotting our next adventures!  A short trip in late October or November, and a longer outing that will include a few days in San Diego for Christmas.

Death Valley is a possibility.  Has anyone been there in the early part of January?


  1. I'm glad your boon docking experiment worked out so well. We only did that for 2 nights. Our idea of roughing it anymore is not having sewer hook ups!

  2. Thanks for the tour of Yosemite. It's high on my list of places to go. We were very impressed with the hike you guys did yesterday. Way to go!! We were in Death Valley in November and the weather was very nice. Don't know about January. Isn't it fun planning future trips :)

  3. You are doing so well with your diet. The hotel is so interesting. Love the architecture. $20 just to dump would be an owie!

  4. Fun! I like the tradition of lunching in the park lodges.

  5. The Ahwahnee is one of my favorite buildings in the National Park system. I went there for the first time with my family when us kids were youngsters. We didn't STAY there, couldn't afford that. Also went back in my 20s and had hot chocolate there, couldn't afford a whole meal. The building and setting are awe-inspiring. I'd like to take a tour if they ever offer one.

  6. Found your great picures...will start to read when we're done with Saturday breakfast


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