Friday, September 14, 2012

Walt Disney Concert Hall, LA California

The Walt Disney Concert Hall is an amazing structure.  It is more than a building.  It is a work of art that pleases the eye and the mind, and feeds the soul with its powerful lines and space.

These are a few of the photos we took on our tour:

The  Lobby where we signed in and picked up our FREE self guided audio tour.
Steinway was having an invitation-only sale in one of the spaces. No better place to hear the quality of an instrument.
The main Auditorium is said to be one of the acoustically best halls in the country.

The carpet is a design tribute to Lillian Disney
This large flower fountain in the garden is made of broken blue and white china and is a gift to their mother from the Disney children.

Stainless steel

Every view was fascinating

As a complete artistic opposite, we saw this large sculpture outside the Museum of Contemporary Art.

What can I say!

And finally, one of the many mirror glass skyscrapers.  I wouldn't want to be on the street below during a really big earthquake.

This post is in part an experiment.  I have made the pictures larger than I usually do and used a few more than I have in the past.  How has it loaded for you?  Is it too long?


  1. Very interesting post, Merikay. I've never seen these places, and your photos are great. Thanks for posting them. We're at home with cable internet, so have no problem with photo sizes at all.

  2. They loaded pretty fast for me and that is saying something...usually I just give up on other blogs so you must be doing something right!

  3. I love the photos and tour. Thanks muches! Photos took a bit longer to download.

  4. A very interesting place. The pictures loaded just fine with my aircard (with amplifier and trucker's antenna).

  5. Great pictures, they came in just fine. Looks like you had a great day touring.

  6. What Russ said...

    I enjoyed reading about the Disney Concert hall. That would be a neat place to visit. That modern art sculpture??? Gee whiz, I guess you can cobble anything together and call it art in the big city haha.

  7. Love the sculptural effect of the building. Photos download fast. I'm on wireless broadband so do not usually have any problems so long as I have connection.

    Will visit Los Angeles with different eyes next time.


  8. If I could only get one of those grand pianos in our MH, I'd be a hero to my bonnie bride!

  9. Your pictures are great the loaded just fine.
    I think I am going to have to visit this place.

  10. Pictures are beautiful and loaded great on 4G LTE with 2 bars using an air card.

    I love doing big pics sometimes, but do worry about loading speed.

    I have been resizing my high res pics over the past five days to a smaller size using FastStone Photo Resizer. Haven't heardany feedback on if it's quicker or not to load.


  11. That is an incredible building! Thanks for the tour.

  12. Enjoyed the tour and pictures. Have never visited there before.

  13. Very interesting place and your pictures are great. No trouble loading at all.


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