Saturday, September 29, 2012

RV Tips

First off I want to express a big welcome to my sister-in-law, Elaine, a new reader of my blog.  I hope this view into our life is entertaining, and you keep checking in on us often.

Speaking of which, I wish I had another exciting trip to be posting about, but alas, we are housebound for the next month or so.  But, I just can't keep my fingers off the keyboard so the posts will be mostly about work on the house, food and diet, and RV things.  

I have learned so many useful things by reading the blogs of other RVers.  I have a couple of things to share, and this is a good time to do so.

Can you guess what this, and what it is for?

It is a white bath puff that has been Super Glued to a clamp type hair clip.

I clip it onto the steering wheel of the Accent when we tow.  I have marked the wheel so I know exactly where the center of the wheel is when the tires are straight.

I can see the puff thru the windshield, and when the tires turn I can see the steering wheel turn.  This is very helpful when we are doing the last check before towing.  When we were first getting started,  Karen and Al suggested we do a full check of lights and turn signals each time we tow, and also for one of us to drive the RV forward a few feet while the other watches to be sure the wheels of the Accent are tracking and everything looks good.  At this time, I find seeing the puff move with the steering wheel helps me be sure it is not locked.

I can also see the puff in the rear view camera from the cockpit of the RV.  Our camera is black and white, and not the best, but if I know what I'm looking for I can see the puff as we go down the road. 

This tip was from another Alfa owner we met up in Oregon.  At first I tried tying the puff to the steering wheel, but it wouldn't stay in place.  The Super Glue and hair clip were my idea and work perfectly!

Do you know what these are or how they have solved another problem in the RV?

They are over the door hooks I bought at Walmart, and they give me a place to hang wet swimsuits and towels inside the RV. 

Some RV parks have swimming pools.  Not as many as I would like, but if they do have a pool, and if the water is warm, I am sure to go for swim.

But what to do with my wet suit? 

Since I like to go to the pool either after a full day of activity, or after dinner on a warm night, I am left with a wet suit and towel and no where to hang them to dry.  We generally don't keep our awning up overnight, and I don't want to hang them outside from either the ladder in back or the mirrors in front. I know there are clever wash hanging contraptions, but I am only looking for a place for my suit and towel, not a whole load of wash.

The space inside the RV is limited I am very conscious of clutter. Our rig is a 36' class A, and the shower is quite visible.  There are only two towel bars in the bath area.  One by the sink for a hand towel, and one on the shower door for our bath towels.

I like to start my after swim shower with my suit on so I can rinse out the chlorine. If I hang my wet suit and towel over the shower door they are not only visible, but if very wet might drip on the floor. 

By hanging them inside the shower they are out of the way and dry completely overnight.  This is particularly important if we are packing up and pulling out early the next day. 

Well, thats enough for today.  I have a couple of other ideas to share, but they will have to wait.

Have a good weekend everyone, and be careful in whatever you do.


  1. Love the over-the-door hangers hanging inside the shower. I drape my towels over the shower door to let them dry, BUT we have a cat that likes to pull down the towels from the shower door and then nest in them on the floor.

    I believe we'll be trying this solution.


  2. Great ideas, Merikay! there's also a little umbrella style, fold up hanger with plastic clothespins on it, you can hang quite a bit of little things on it inside the shower if you wanted to. Love the bath puff idea!

  3. I use a similar item to the puff only I put it on the steering wheel of the motorhome to remind myself that the TV antenna is up. :)

  4. Great tips. I tied a shop towel to the wheel but I like your idea better. Going to Walmart for a big hair clip and a poofy thing.

  5. great ideas! We don't have a toad to worry about, but I do have wet laundry, coats, etc. so use over the door hooks all over the place. In the bathroom though, since the shower is rectangular with ends I use a tension shower curtain rod in the middle of it and have hooks hanging from that. I can have a number of things hanging and they seem to weather the driving quite fine.


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