Saturday, October 12, 2013

Finally a Good Hike!

Although we have been able to take a few nice hikes, we had not yet done a good challenge hike on this trip.  For me a challenge hike is either one that has some really hard climbs, or is a pretty long distance.

Our hike on Saturday on the Goat Mountain Trail in the Bass Lake National Recreation area filled the bill just fine.

If we added in the distance walked from the parking area, our hike up to the Goat Mountain Lookout and back was more than nine miles!  

About two-thirds of the hike was through mixed second growth forest, along a narrow but easy path. There was quite a bit of uphill, and going was slow at times, but most was a gentle incline along the side of the mountain.

The upper portion was along a fire road.

The end of the trail was this fire lookout at the top of Goat Mountain.

Conveniently, there was a picnic table there where we had our lunch. 

Given that it is October we had expected to see some fall color, but  most of the trees are either evergreen or live oak.  There were some other kinds of oaks that were starting to turn bright yellow, but most were still quite green.  

This was one of the few spots of color we saw all day.  We're not sure whether it was a poison oak, or a small regular oak.

All in all, it was a very nice day. We both expect to be a little stiff in the morning, but that is not all that bad.  

Finally a word about the Accent:  We were very unhappy to learn that the clutch was not still under warranty. It was covered for only one year, 12,000 miles.  We have had the Accent for seventeen months and put 20,000 miles on it.  We realize it was a cheap little car.  We could have paid a lot more for a better, used toad, but at the time the Accent filled our need for a toad and a runabout vehicle.  We have also already replaced the Chinese tires it came with. Hopefully this clutch replacement is not indicative of future problems.


  1. Oh the great outdoors! I'm so missing it!

    Sorry to hear about the clutch issues. Hopefully no more problems!

  2. Love your shirt :) Bummer about the car. It can't hurt to contact the manufacturer and voice your dissatisfaction. Maybe they'll pay for at least part of the repairs.

  3. the color is an oak tree, poison oak looks pretty much the same a poison ivy with three leaflets... remember leaflets three let it be...

  4. Great hike. I'm sure it gave you quite a workout. But too bad about the clutch. Sometimes the issues do seem endless but hopefully this is it for you and everything goes smoothly.

  5. If it isn't something, its something else... The good news is that it happened where you could deal with it, and you were in beautiful surroundings! Happy trails!

  6. It is a good thing to have a nice hike. Hopefully, we will be able to do some hiking when we get back to Indiana. Wish you luck on getting your clutch in working order.

  7. Looks like a beautiful hike. :)

  8. That's a good distance for a hike, its good you found some places to hike outside of the National Parks.


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