Wednesday, October 9, 2013


As it turned out, the trains didn't disturb us at all.  They stopped blowing their horns at nine, and it seemed to me that very few went by after that.  Craig tells me I just slept through them. 

I asked him if they bothered him, and he said no, but it was interesting to feel the bed shake like you had put a quarter in the "magic fingers".

For my non-American friends,  hotels used to have beds that had a built in vibrator that you could activate for a quarter. It has become a symbol of cheap, old motels.

After  parking the Alfa at the RV park, we went  to a Bakersfield Costco for a few things including gas for the car.  I was delighted to see a big sign that read "Diesel Now Available". I hope more Costcos add a diesel pump because their stations, although usually busy, are relatively easy to find and get into.  They were not listed on Gas Buddy yet.

The Costco price was five cents less than the lowest listed on Gas Buddy.  In the long run that probably is not significant, but Craig does like to find the best price.

As it turned out, getting into the gas pump station was not a problem.  But the way this one was set up it required a rather tight turn to get out.  The attendant was very helpful. He made sure we had plenty of room for the turn by stopping some of the other cars, and we were on our way with no problems.  

Thumbs up to Costco customer service.

Tonight we are at the Escapee Park in Coarsegold California. We will be here for a few days and hope to find a few hikes around the area.  Coarsegold is at the eastern edge of the Sierra Mountains, somewhat near Yosemite. 

I feel very comfortable here.


  1. Our friend, Paul, really likes the park you're in at Coarsegold. Says it's one of the nicest. Glad you're enjoying it. Most of the fuel stations at Costco that I've seen were not RV friendly even if they had diesel. Nice they helped you get out.

  2. Finding a gas station to get into and out of easily is always a challenge, even for those of us that don't use diesel.

  3. Isn't it just a wonderful life?

  4. We still have a vibrating bed....every time we run the washing machine!

    We stick to Flying J's, Pilot and big truck stops because of the ease of getting in and out and plus we worry about getting bad fuel.

  5. We had trains in that park in CA where we were workamping, but it actually wasn't too bad.
    That park in Coarsegold is pretty nice, although the turns getting into some of the sites are a bit tight. The people there are very nice!

  6. We loved Coarsegold and that was a beautiful Escapees Park.

  7. I would like Costco diesel just for our pickup!...hope we get it soon!

  8. ::For my non-American friends, hotels used to have beds that had a built in vibrator that you could activate for a quarter. It has become a symbol of cheap, old motels.::

    I'll never forget the cheap hotel in Anaheim that my ex-gf Jeanne and I got about 20 years ago. There was no Magic Fingers box next to the bed, but the mattress still had the machinery built into it. Somehow, we figured out how to turn it on without having to feed it quarters. Was a moving evening.

  9. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time... magic fingers and all.

    Some of our favorite camps have a train running a few miles away - at that distance it is romantic!


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