Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Balloons Overhead!

This morning was proof that you don't have to go down to the launch field to have a great balloon experience.

After our 5 AM Escapees breakfast, conditions were such that the morning launch was on hold, so we returned to the Alfa and went back to bed (fully clothed). It was only six in the morning and still dark.

I dozed off and then I heard a big WHOOSH WHOOSH from outside, and I knew there were balloons were overhead and they were blasting their propane flames to keep aloft.

I popped out of bed, grabbed the camera and was delighted to see hundreds of balloons rising from the launch field,  with many floating low over our RV parking area.
The Escapees HOP breakfast tent and parking area is adjacent to a field. Some of the balloons came down in it.

When a balloon comes down, and their chase crew has not yet arrived, it is usual for members of the public to pitch in and help get it under control. 

When we saw this big blue one landing, a number of the Escapees (myself included) went in to help. 

Down!                              Drag!                             Deflate!

How will we get this all in that bag?

By working together.

The big green frog also came down near us.

That is our caterer's BBQ and our Escapees tent in the foreground.

We helped bring him down too. He had special vents in his feet that helped get the air out.

On the other side of the field this large black whale was flattened as well.
It was very exciting to have them coming so close to the RVs.

Our son-in-law is from New Zealand. I saw this kiwi balloon on Saturday, but was pleased to see it dip down for a closer view before it caught an updraft.

We listened to a talk from a balloon flight instructor on Friday. He told us that the only control the pilot has is to go up or down, and that the wind blows in different directions and intensities at different altitudes. 

This afternoon, we left the Fiesta grounds for the first time since we arrived last Friday. When we drove into the RV parking area it was totally full. I was surprised to see many empty spots today. I guess a lot of people only come for the weekend. We are staying through the entire nine days. I have waited so long to get here, I don't want to miss a thing!

Life is looking up! 


  1. And it looks like you aren't missing anything! We were among those leaving yesterday.... but had a great time while there. Looks like the weather is being cooperative... nice!

  2. How exciting to get to help. That adds a totally different dimension to the experience.

  3. How exciting... so very many balloons!!! and to get to help... wow, what an experience!!!!


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