Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Bisbee, a Big Bird, and an Urgent Care Medical Center Stop

From Tombstone AZ we drove south to Bisbee, not far and very much a part of nineteenth century American mining history. Where silver was the prize in Tombstone, copper made men rich in Bisbee. Early mines were all underground, but in later years open pit mining became standard.

The Lavender Pit mine is more or less in the middle of Bisbee. This open pit copper mine is a remarkable sight to see. 

You can see that the sides have a lavender cast, but that's not the source of the mine's name!  It was named in honor of Harrison M. Lavender, a VP of Phelps-Dodge Corp. who initiated and oversaw the development of the mine starting in 1950.

We did not do much there because we were both quite sick. We did drive around town and also walked through the city museum which was very nice. After two nights we pulled out and headed for El Paso TX. We might stop in Bisbee again sometime when we are feeling well.

On our way southeast we stopped at a rest stop overlooking Las Cruces, New Mexico. We couldn't help admire this very large metal roadrunner statue.  Beep Beep!

Our Health:

First, my foot. While walking through the Bisbee museum, the velcro strap on my boot broke. Since it has been six weeks, I decided to try not wearing it. Unfortunately I still felt some pain, and so I got an appointment with a podiatrist in El Paso. After getting new x-rays, the good news is I do not have to continue wearing the boot unless the pain gets much worse. I am currently wearing my hiking boots with the laces tied firmly. The bad news is I do have a bit of tendonitis and one of the fractures is only about 80% healed. The doc told me to keep taking it easy, and not try any hiking for at least two more months  Oh well. At least I'm out of the boot, and I can drive again!

For six weeks, both Craig and I have had what we treated as bad colds. Robitussin and Mucinex became a regular staple in our grocery purchases. I thought he sounded worse, he thought I did, but we both had deep barking coughs, particularly at night. Knowing we were heading south to Big Bend National park, where doctors might be far and few between, we decided to go to an Urgent Care Treatment Center in El Paso. For people like us, these walk-in centers are a perfect solution for everyday medical needs. 

Some do not take all insurances, so if you do stop at one, be sure to ask before waiting for help. If you are having a heart attack or other serious event, go to the nearest ER!

The doctor and medical technicians that saw us were all very good.
It was also nice that they saw us as a couple, at our request, since we both had the same problems. After throat swabs, chest x-rays, and examinations, we were both diagnosed as having Strep infections that have gone to our lungs, and pneumonia.  Good thing we went in!

We were each given two shots, in our butts, and an inhalation therapy treatment in the office, plus five prescriptions, including antibiotics and inhalers. 

Because we are travelers, we won't be able to go back, so were given a print-out of our diagnosis and treatments and told to not hesitate to see another doctor if we don't see full improvement. It might take a week or so, but we should be OK.

And finally, more from my new hobby, Adult Coloring Books!

Owl Image from Blue Star Stress Relieving Animal Designs, Adult Coloring Book.
Colored with Prismacolor  Pencils and Sharpie Ultra Fine Markers.

Owl Image from Blue Star Stress Relieving Animal Designs, Adult Coloring Book.
Colored with Sharpie Ultra Thin markers and Recollections Masterpiece markers.
[From Craig]  As I finish proofreading this, Merikay is outside looking for Marfa lights here at the Viewing Center south of Marfa, TX.  Hope she doesn't stay out too long, so that our medical conditions improve together.  Guess I'll go look too. Life is Much Better!


  1. Sure glad you went to the doctor. We have visited urgent cares across the country. Please feel better.

  2. Well your already a long way from Bloggerfest folks so all the best to you in your travels. We didn't see any strange lights when we traveled through that area your in either but we did get to the McDonald Observatory for a Star Party so did end up seeing lots of lights in the sky there.....stars:))

  3. You may have stayed at the Queen Mine RV Park in Bisbee. If you did, I hope you enjoyed it as it is one of our favorites. A MN friend of ours spends the winter months there. You will like Big Bend. Awesome scenery, real wide open spaces. Camp in one place and drive around to see the sights. Don't miss the best chicken fried steak at the cafe next to the motel. The best I've had in years.

  4. Ah, the Marfa lights; I hope you see them. You may even see them and not realize it. To me, the lights looked like very distant automobile headlights. I looked in the same place in the daylight the next day, and it was clear that no vehicle or other light source could have been in that area of utter wildnerness. Strange, but fascinating.

  5. Glad you went to the Urgent Care. Don't want to mess with Pneumonia! Love your coloring, very pretty :)

  6. Good thing you made it to the doctor, hope you feeling better soon.
    Love that Roadrunner at Las cruces
    Did you see any marfar?

  7. wow - who knew that what seemed like a cold could be something so serious. Get some rest when you get to your next destination! Dr's daughter's orders - stat!

  8. I had a barking cough w/o any other symptom. No runny nose. None. Chest didn't feel quite right but not like bronchitis. After 10 days of barking and having to stay away from a very newborn grandchild, I went in to urgent care. Not strep, but bhronchitis. The doc is saying, "cant you hear that wheezing." I point to my hearing service dog. No, as a matter of fact, I can't hear the wheezing! The Hearing Service Dog is not a fashion accessory!

  9. Hope you're both doing better... Big Bend is too good to be sick while there. Love seeing the big roadrunner again... one of my favorite landmarks.

  10. Sounds like an interesting trip. It seems like traveling and getting sick go hand in hand. That's why it is so important to build up your immunity! Anyways, the Lavender Pit mine looks amazing. I will have to check it out sometime. Nature is always better in person rather than seeing it in a magazine. There is just no comparison!


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