Saturday, February 20, 2016

Lake Casa Blanca International State Park, Laredo Texas

The small commercial park we stayed at in Del Rio was nice, the laundry was large and the weather was warming, but our next stop at a State Park in Laredo has proven much more to our usual taste.

The sites are level and quite large. We are surrounded by native plants, and the small but beautiful lake is only a short walk away.

We asked about renting a canoe for Friday afternoon, but were disappointed by the fact that boat rentals are only available on weekends. Oh well. We have plans for both Saturday and Sunday, so a canoe ride is not in the picture this time.

I'm Happy!
Really I am.

Just so glad to be feeling better enough to enjoy a quiet sunset sitting at the picnic table.

The next post will include some of the fun things we have found to do in Laredo.


  1. Nice spot there by the lake.
    Love your smile, lol...

  2. enjoy your beautiful surroundings... we are in the middle of a huge storm that has come up from Texas. Yesterday was freezing rain... I thought of you!


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