Tuesday, July 10, 2012

All RV Needs, Medford OR

Although we don’t have a lot of RV experience, we understand that there will be breakdowns.  Parts will fail, and repairs must be dealt with. Having something break on the RV and having to go to a RV repair place is much like being injured or getting suddenly sick and needing to go to an ER or Urgent Care center.   Everyone feels better if they've had time to ask someone’s opinion. A recommendation is always comforting.  Given that the service center we went to because someone at the RV park suggested it is too busy, we feel better because they recommend another shop

It seems there are a dozen RV repair or sales facilities in Medford Oregon, big and small.  Tonight (Tuesday) we are plugged in, in the parking lot of “All RV Needs” service and sales. 

This is a new shop.  The owner worked at a dealership (Courtesy) in Klamath Falls.  He fit us in this morning because the service writer from Courtesy called him on our behalf last week.  As we sat around waiting for news on the part that we need, I overheard the service writer estimating and booking a steady flow of customers for work two weeks out.  Rigs only break down when they are in use. 

The small broken part in the slide was found quickly by the service tech.  But it took most of the day to figure out how to order a replacement.  The FAX machines at All RV Needs and Alfateers in Fontana, CA both work with other FAX machines, but absolutely refuse to talk to each other.  Finally, Craig had Alfateers scan the necessary drawing and email it to us.  He then identified and ordered the needed part.  We're having it sent overnight and it should be here for the fix in the morning.  We hope.  We also had a new water filter ordered and that too should be here tomorrow. We called all over Medford for the brand and model of filter we needed. None were available. 

We are parked in the last spot on the lot that has a power connection.  We did have to drive across town to get a 50 amp extension cord. The shop would have loaned us a 20 amp, but we have wanted to buy an extra heavy cord anyway.  Now we have one if and when we need it in the future.

Today was the first really hot weather we have run into. The air conditioners seem to be cooling the rig down nicely, and tonight we will probably watch a movie.  We are done with pre-planned agendas, for this trip, and are going to try  inventing our course on the fly...


  1. Yay!! good air conditioning, 50 amp power and a place to be. Now you get to wing it. I'm looking forward to that part. Mo and I always love to do that. Glad it went well for you.

  2. Here's hoping everything arrives as planned tomorrow and you're back on the road. But if not, well you know what they say about plans and jello!! Keep that positive attitude.

  3. hope the repair goes quickly and you can be on your way again..to destinations unknown!

  4. Having water filter system on your RV is really cool, I'm hoping the repairs would go smoothly.

  5. You have learned the most important rule to RVing, " roll with it". If you just realize, as you have, that from time to time things happen and you just need to chill and "roll with it", there will be no stress, no worry.

  6. "inventing our course on the fly"

    That's one of the parts of RVing I find exciting. Just winging it & making up destinations as you go. Doesn't always work out but does add up to some very memorable days:))

  7. I hope the repair goes perfectly, I have had experience with slide issues and hard to get parts. Sounds like you guys found whats needed and it should work, good luck!



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