Friday, July 20, 2012

Good-by Mr. Moose

Craig is busily caulking the wood siding on the walls of the tandem garage in preparation for painting.  The new door will be installed next week, and then I can paint both it, the interior wall and the new exterior wall. We have never used this space for much.  It has been a place to put kindling wood and garden tools.

Hopefully after it has been cleaned out and painted it will be a plus to the property. 

After we gut the studio room, and convert it back to a bedroom, if I want a place to work, this might be it.  

One of the things I stored in there was the "master sculpture" for my "Huge Elephant" design. I created it as a special custom order some years back, and kept the master (as I have done for most special projects) so that if I ever got an order for another one it would be easier to make.  I have had two somewhat serious inquires over the years, but no new orders.

I am at a point that even if someone did want such a large piece, I'm not sure I would want to make it.  

So, as we worked in that garage yesterday, I took down the elephant master and loaded him into the van for a trip to the dump.  The large Moose has been sitting on a table, covered with a drop cloth since February of 2011. I have made a few feeble attempts to find him a new home, but have had no luck. 

I made the "executive decision" and loaded him in with the elephant form.  I felt a bit sad, but knew this had to be done.  I put a blanket over him so I wouldn't have to see him among the trash in the back of the van, or at the dump.  It was already 3:00 in the afternoon and I knew the dump closed at 4:00, so I didn't have time to change my mind. It felt a bit like taking a pet for that "last drive." 

Good-by Mr. Moose. 


  1. That would be sad to have to part with something you created. But it's all a part of letting go and moving on.

  2. Hard decisions, but one step closer to the dream.

  3. Did you consider making a donation to a school or a hospital that caters to younger children? I am sure they would have enjoyed your Mr. Moose & Elephant!

  4. Awwww, too bad we couldn't have found a home for the moose in Maine! I'll bet someone would have taken him! But too hard to work out the details, I"m sure! Sorry you had to let go of him. I know what you mean. I've left all my crafts, just about, jammed into a storage shed back in Indiana, and at some point, I"m just going to have to donate them to Goodwill, or a children's home or something. I have been taking photos of everything I've made over the years, so at least I have a record of things I've made, that is, if I can find the photo album in the storage shed sometime!

  5. Merikay, am I losing brain cells down the drain, or did you used to call your blog "Merikay's Dream Has SIX Wheels"?

    The Good Luck Duck

  6. That's tough. I had some cleaning up to do before our move to Europe, and I had to make a bunch of "executive decisions". Heaps tougher when you've created something though. Time heels.

  7. The new top image includes the toad. 6+4 = 10 :-)

  8. Well, then, I'd just better update my Duckroll!


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