Monday, July 23, 2012

Another Monday

As I write this, a door man is installing a new door in the tandem garage.  I'm going to wait until next week to paint the exterior wall, big interior wall and the door, because I want to be sure I have enough paint for the painters to do the exterior area above the dining room windows.  They were supposed to do it the Saturday before we left, but it was too windy that day.  We have rescheduled it for this upcoming Saturday. I have two full gallons of the pink exterior color, and I think between the two jobs I might need more. Better it be my job that runs out.

The Alfa has been sitting over at the repair shop for a week.  We wanted the brakes checked, and since we weren't going anywhere were OK with the wait.  (Well I was OK with it, Craig was anxious to get the coach back because there are some things he wants still in it.)

They say the brakes are OK.  There has always been a squeak, but it is louder now. But according to the mechanic, they are not bad. The squeak is caused by having been overheated.  I'm sure our drive down Hwy 1 contribued.  A front brake job would run about $1700.  As long as it is not a safety issue we will wait for a while.  

Craig would like to take it somewhere else because he feels this shop overcharges for everything.

So, as soon as the door man is finished, we are off to bring our Alfa home.  (Update note: it was too late on Monday to go get her, so I guess it will happen on Tuesday.)

You may have notice an absence of pictures lately.  Two reasons.  First there is nothing notable to photograph, and second, my little camera has died.  I'm going to take it into a camera shop and have it looked at, but if it can't be fixed I'll get a new one.  What I want is small.  Craig can carry around his big heavy camera.  My pictures are just to help "tell the story".


  1. Just caught up on your blog, sure enjoyed reading about your Oregon vacation, especially the caves. Glad your breaks are ok on the Alpha. Have a great week!

  2. I like to take pictures throughout the day and would hate to have to lug around a heavy camera. Mine fits in my purse so I try to keep it with me. Ken is the real photographer in our family so he has the big expensive stuff and does a lot better with his pics.

    I always enjoy seeing your pics and you're helps tell the story. I worried for Craig when you showed him painting out on the ledge though a few months ago.

  3. $1,700 for the front, WOW. As for pictures you could your cell phone right?


  4. You sound like you're still making progress. Keep your eye on the prize!

  5. I didn't know they stored transmissions in those brakes! Ouch! Good luck with the camera.

  6. I just got a new small camera - I also just want to take pictures by point and shoot. No lenses no nonsense. Just a camera with a good zoom. We went to Best Buy and found a Panasonic Zs8 16X for $229. Also found it on for $194.99 and Best Buy matched the price for us. Wanted an extra battery - Best Buy Price - $54.99, Amazon Price - $32.99 - and they matched that price also.

  7. $1700 for a brake job? Yikes!!! I hope that's not the normal price!


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