Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Distraction! Crater Lake

Advice from Karen, one of my blogger friends, saved our butts (or at least our toad) once again! She suggested that after hooking up, we check all lights and that one of us should stay by the toad as the other pulls forward a few feet to make sure everything is tracking properly.

As we hooked up to leave the Lava Beds area RV park, a neighbor was around and was asking us some questions about the Alfa.  Of course we are proud of our rig, and let his chat distract us.

But because I was watching, disaster was averted. 

We forgot to release the hand brake and the wheels were still locked!  I caught it and stopped Craig from pulling forward more than a foot or two.

Remember how our mothers would tell us to pay attention to what we were doing? That still applies.  Next time someone wants to chat during hook up time, we have to be polite but pay attention to our task.

We did get out of the park and on our way without damage. 

We are also learning not to rely on the navigation system on the Android phone. 

This time it told us "your destination is on the right" about 8 miles too early.  When there was no road or promising driveway, Craig started watching addresses and got us where we wanted to go. 

We are now tucked in at the Crater Lake RV Park, a private park about 15 miles from the entrance of the National Park.  We drove up to the NP after getting set up, for a short preview of the week to come. 

All I can say is WOW!

Yes, it really is that blue.  Every minute and every view is breathtaking.  

On Monday we walked down Cleetwood Creek trail to the lake and took the two hour boat tour.  This trail is the only way regular people can get to the water's edge.  I'm sure Rangers can rappel down other ways!  The walk down wasn't bad. It was the mile long uphill climb (equivalent to 70 flights of stairs) that was a killer.  So glad I've been pushing to be in better shape, because the views of the caldera from the boat were fantastic.


  We are just about ready to set off for the park and find another hike.


  1. Wow. That's all. Awesome spot.

    That whole "getting distracted" thing is something I've heard of. Hasn't happened to me. Yet.
    Mind you, I've been known to say, "Just a sec", and cut the person off in mid question, so I can concentrate on what I'm doing. That quite often involves working with sharp things that can sever digits if I'm not paying attention.
    Tearing a set of tires off your Toad ain't no pretty picture either.

  2. You are rekindling fond memories of early in our fulltiming adventures. Crater Lake remains the most beautiful spot we've seen. Ahhh!!!!

    We want to "second" the practice of watching the toad roll behind the motorhome. It's reassuring to see it rolling correctly. Also, we double-check each other's work on the toad setup. It's too important (and to costly) to assume it's OK. That way, if something goes wrong, there's no finger pointing!

    We've hooked up our toad nearly 200 times, but we still don't like to be distracted. If someone approaches us while we're hooking up, we stop what we're doing. We keep the conversation short, explain that we need to stay focused. With the conversation behind us, we start at the beginning and go through our routine.

    Likewise, we don't bother anyone while they're hooking up.

    Enjoy your visit in that stunning park!!!

  3. The boat tour of Crater Lake is so awesome! We've done it a couple of times and can't say enough good things about it.

    The Cleetwood Cove Trail, on the other hand, inspired this comment: "It's one mile down and two miles back up." (Referring of course to the steepness of the trail making it feel twice as long going up as it felt going down.)

    Glad you are totally immersing yourself in the experience (not the lake, ha ha. The lake is FREEZING cold!)


  4. I don't care how long you have been RVing, you need to always double and triple check everything before you head out. Especially if someone comes over to visit while you're hooking up. We've even told people to go away (nicely) because they just don't seem to understand. So glad you caught the problem before you left the campground.

    When we were at Crater Lake there was so much snow that nothing was open. Sure hope we get back there sometime later in the year. In the meantime I'll enjoy your gorgeous pictures.

  5. WOW!! Just plain beautiful! Glad the toad behaved.

  6. Yep, a Cardinal rule. Don't bother people when they're hooking up or unhooking.

    Wish I had a second person to check my procedures. Sometimes it's like editing a post, you don't always see the errors. Know what I mean? :)

    I haven't gotten to Crater Lake yet. A breakdown put a monkey wrench into those plans a couple of summers ago.

  7. I think I have blogged about that a few times, 'do not bother people when they are hooking up or unhooking'!! Whenever we hook up I always immediately turn the rig slightly to bring the toad into my side view mirror & my eyes are locked on the toads wheels for any irregularites. Saw a rig pull onto the road in Quartzsite one day with the toad just a jumping & smoking. I figured he had left the transmission in gear or something. Oh how I wish we could travel some of those more northern areas but with only so much Snow Bird time each winter it's not likely we will ever get to see those places like Crater Lake.

  8. Crater Lake is so beautiful, we can't wait to camp there.

  9. Amazing photos!! We haven not been to northern California or Oregon yet. Your trip is making me anxious to get there :)

  10. the views of Crater Lake are amazing!..you are the first one to ever mention a boat ride....even with the mile up and down I am so sure it will be worth it!!
    be it hooking up..or backing in to a site..I feel the best thing is to just leave people be to get organized..Doug and I work as a team..and it goes much more smoothly if there are no distractions!

  11. Those are the most amazing pictures. They are so beautiful that they almost don't look real. I hope you will take a LOT more of that beautiful area. Definitely on our bucket list!

  12. glad you managed to catch such a great day for visiting the unreal crater lake...

  13. WOW! Is right how breath taking.

  14. We haven't been to crater lake but really want to now


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