Tuesday, July 10, 2012


For Karen:  No, we did not go kayaking on Crater Lake.  There is no boat access.

Instead we were treated to a kayak experience by Sue and Mo on Klamath Lake. 

 I have never been kayaking before.

Yes, I meant to be in the plants!
How did I like it?  I liked the peace of the water and the surface view of the lake just fine.

  I did not find paddling very difficult, but unfortunately my fickle back could not stand the seated position in the kayak. I cannot sit on the floor or in many different types of chairs.  I am often surprised by the pain because standing, walking and sitting in other positions does not hurt in the same way.

We did go out for about a mile before I felt it was best to turn back.  Sue saw I was having problems and put it up to me to call the turn around.

I really wanted to go farther.  I really wanted to kayak.  

We may try it again someday.  I'm open to renting kayaks if Craig agrees that if I hurt we will not continue.  He is very good about that.

In the afternoon I was a bit restless.  Craig was working on some picture processing so I took a short walk by myself.  It is quite warm today.  High 80*s. I managed to do a two mile loop along the road. There is something about walking that has helped me find a very peaceful state of mind. I must remember that when we get back.

Sue and Mo invited us to have a wonderful Copper River Salmon dinner at their charming home.  We also met some of their friends and had a good time.  

Such a beautiful day.

Tuesday morning .... over to Medford to see the repair shop about the slide.  Oh Well we can't have everything go perfectly can we. 


  1. I'm not a water person at all, but kayaking is something I would like to try. As long as I had a life vest and there were no dangerous critters in the water. I'm really glad you tried it, now you have that experience under your belt and you know what people are talking about. :) I'm sorry your back pain caused you to cut the kayaking short.

  2. Glad you got to try the kayaking even if it wasn't very far. I saw Sue's album on Google + and the lake looks beautiful.

  3. John can't kayak either because of his back. I think I would love kayaking around Parksville area on the rivers and the estuary. So glad you are having a great time Merikay. And the walking sounds wonderful. I think I need a personal goal about now.

  4. Perhaps you can find a seat that is comfotable for you? Glad you had the experience.

  5. Looks like a nice lake to take a kayak out on. Sorry your back doesn't do well in that position :(

  6. We so enjoyed taking you two out on the water and enjoyed your company last night. Thanks for coming and be sure to come back!! Hope all went well today at the RV repair shop. Also, you picked the perfect time to be here. There were no fires or smoke when you got to hike in Crater Lake. Now something is burning somewhere south of us and the basin is filled with smoke. Guess I had better go research it. When I drove home from work tonight I couldn't even see Shasta or McLoughlin and Pelican was just a shape in the haze. So glad it wasn't like that for you!

  7. I don't know what your back issue is, but I have lower back issues that I guess would be classified as mild to moderate and I bought one of those back to life machines that are advertised on tv... and it really helps me! I think it works on the same principle as the spinal decompression that chiropractors are using, just not as severe. You have to be able to lay on the floor and get up from the floor to use it, but I'm sure you can do that now since you're so healthy and skinny!!! :)


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