Sunday, September 22, 2013

America's Cup

It couldn't happen…
Could it?

It's not possible!

Is it?

Has any team ever been down 8-1 in a race to 9, and come back to win?

Don't know, maybe a good internet searcher could find out…

Only know two things:

It's 8-5 now, and we're going to San Francisco tomorrow!
Update: it's 8-6 now, and we're going to Sacramento tomorrow.

Craig & Merikay

Sidelight from Craig: when it was 8-1, I went out and bought a bottle of Skyy vodka (one of the sponsors of TNZ) so we could properly toast the NZ victors.  (Don't know of any local stores that sell Camper shoes.)  I like vodka, but would be willing to return it. :-)


  1. Down 8-1 - that doesn't sound good. Have a great time.

  2. Have fun! Hope the weather is perfect!

  3. I am so bar behind reading posts. Not having internet is inconvenient, but what we are doing is making up for it. Have fun at the Cup races.

  4. Great photo of the bridge and the sailboats.


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