Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Lost and FOUND

Images in this post are from our recent trip to the Olympic National Park and have nothing to do with things lost or found!

Don't you just hate it when you lose something that is very special to you?

Isn't it frustrating when you are sure you put it in a particular place, and when you go to get it, it's not there?

You look everywhere, you think, and look in the place(s) you were sure you had put it again and again.  You have a "physical" memory of putting it there, and now it's not.


This happened to me this week.  When we were packing up the Alfa after our week at the Sol Duc campground I remember putting my hiking poles into the large passenger-side bay.  When we got home, they were not there.  

I looked in the car and in the few places they would fit inside the Alfa.  No poles. Grrr! Craig kept saying I must have left them on the picnic table, but I remember checking the space carefully before we drove away.

Bark with lichens at Cape Flattery

On Tuesday, I went to REI and bought another pair.  They were having a pretty good sale, so it was a good time to do so.  I bought a cheaper pair than I had had before, because I had lost the good ones.

One view from Hurricane Ridge

Then today, as we were getting ready to fill the fresh water tank, we opened the big bay on the driver's side to get out the hose. 

MY POLES!  Yes, I had put them into the large bay, but not on the passenger side.  When looking for them I never even considered looking on the driver's side, because we never go into that bay for anything except water hose. 

One way of getting down the side of a tall dune

So the story of the loss has a happy ending.  I went to REI and returned the new ones.  

Not much else is happening around here this week.

Yes.  It WAS that green!


  1. When we were in Cape Blanco, I used my poles to walk the dunes. While on the beach looking for sea glass, I spotted a piece and reached for it with the pole in my hand. A wave grabbed that pole right off my wrist! There is one red pole out in the pacific...someplace. Rats.

  2. What a view from Hurricane Ridge!

    I find it so frustrating when I know I've put something somewhere, but can't find it.

  3. I lose things all the time... and our motorhome is only 27'. I've never used 2 poles... I use my Leki walking stick a lot on rough terrain... hadn't thought about using 2.. guess I use the other hand to pull myself up using branches etc. Maybe I should try using two?

  4. Glad to hear that you found the original poles and were able to return the new ones!

  5. At least you found the original poles. I bought a new pair of sandals this year and wore them only a few times. I wanted to take them with when we went to our son's wedding and couldn't find them anywhere. I still haven't been able to find them. I've also lost my wedding dress. We stored a few bins of our things in our son's basement. There is a bin marked for the wedding dress, but when I opened it, the dress was not there. I was going to make our son a handkerchief out of the fabric from my dress to put in his suit pocket for the wedding. I have no idea where that dress could be. I swear there are gremlins that take our stuff sometimes!!!

  6. Love the photos. It is so frustrating when our memory fails us. Tonight I ran into an old co-worker and it took most of an hour to retrieve her name from my memory.

  7. I sure don't like when I can't find something! drives me crazy!
    great view from Hurricane Ridge!!

  8. I like the way you get down steep descents...looks very familiar!

    Awesome pictures...love the huge tree with lichens.

    And yes, I have put things away , looked for them, and find them again when I least expect it...could it be our age?

    Have a great Wednesday!

  9. Lovely photos! About losing things... well, there are a few things around here that are "lost". I know they haven't left the house, but where the heck are they? I've spent hours looking for that darn box of Velcro! I've looked everywhere, except where it is...

  10. So frustrating to remember, kind of, where we put something. We always find them, sooner or later. I'm glad you found your poles in time to return the new ones to REI. :)

  11. So glad you found your poles. Now you won't have to spend any more time wondering what happened to them.

  12. Even with the checklist and the walkthrough before we leave we still sometimes lose something, or more correctly, leave something behind because unlike you we rarely find it later.


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