Saturday, September 28, 2013

Shutting Down?

Will the National Parks close next week? 

 I try very hard to stay far away from writing about politics or religion in my blog, but in the paper this morning was an article about what parts of the government would shut down, and what would stay open. It said the Parks would close and that campers would be given a 48 hour notice to leave. 

What a bummer.  We are booked into a site at Zion National Park for a week starting Sunday night.  I don't think the RV park will  close because it is operated by the concessionaire, and if Zion closes its gates we will just have to find some non-park sites to visit.

Has anyone heard anything about National Wildlife Refuges closing?  I know that would't affect the animals, but what about the volunteers?  Could they stay?  Are there camp hosts and other volunteers who trade work for their sites in National Parks?  Would they have to leave?

I'm sure that even if they did close the parks it would only be for a short time.  And then what? 

What a mess!

I know this will affect many people who work for the government in far worse ways than an interrupted RV trip, and I sympathize with them.  

I know that both parties think they are doing the will of the people, or at least what they think is best for the country.  I just wish they could negotiate and come to a workable resolution. 

Name calling is not a solution!


  1. This issue was discussed at the last staff meeting on Monday. At that time, no preparations for shutting down were indicated. All I can say is that the NWR's in this area do not believe there will be a shutdown.

  2. I lived through several shut-downs and threats of shut-downs in my government career. It costs a fortune to shut down the government and even if it does happen, I don't think it will be for more than a day or two at the most. There are several places to see that wouldn't be affected. Snow Canyon is a state park (I think) that is beautiful. Always remember - flexibility is the name of the game when you're rving.

  3. Probably won't happen. But it's a maddening possibility; especially when you see the monumental waste on other programs/agencies that add no value.

  4. A lot of hype, especially from the Press....just to get people in a lather....

  5. The RV park is inside of the National Park, even though it is run by the concessionaire. When I worked for Aramark at Mesa Verde, I found out that the National Park Service has a say in everything that the concessionaire does - including setting prices and what types of food is served in the restaurants.


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