Friday, September 6, 2013

Out and About Again

After two weeks at "Camp Driveway" we are again out and about.  We did have to take one tank-dump run during that time. Even with showers and washing clothes at the house, six days seems to be the limit.  We really do not trust our tank sensors, and since the pull up our road  involves a very steep hill, we do not want to have tanks completely full.  They might slosh out!  Yuck!

Today (Friday) we drove up to the Marin RV Park, which is on the other side of the Golden Gate from San Francisco. On the way we stopped at the Oakland Truck Center in hope that they would take a look at a small problem we've had since having work done at their "sister" location in Sacramento.  We called them last week and they said to just stop in, but when we got there and waited quite a while for the service writer, they said they couldn't look at it until next week!  

Since it doesn't seem to make the rig undriveable, we decided the best thing to do is to swing up to Sacramento after the weekend. Craig called the Sacramento place when we got to the RV Park and they can't fit us in until Wednesday.  Good thing we are thinking like full timers.  I will find places for us to go.  Actually this side trip is not all that bad, because the temperatures are supposed to be quite high for a few days. It will be good to have a 50 amp site for a few extra days. It was really nice this afternoon to have the air conditioner running in the coach and to be able to take a nice swim in the cool but clean pool.  What more could I want?

We're really looking forward to seeing the America's Cup races on Saturday and Sunday.  It should be an adventure getting there on a ferry plus public ground transportation.  

We will post pictures tomorrow night!


  1. They were talking on the news tonight about how dangerous these new boats are that are being used. Have fun.

  2. After a while, you'll be able to ignore the tank sensors and be able to figure out when to dump by the sound of the bowl contents hitting the holding tank when you flush. ;) Cur-plunk! (TMI?)

  3. Judy, hopefully some time in the next year or so we can meet up, so you can coach us in this important full-timing hearing skill. Ker-plunk!

  4. Isn't it funny how "just drop by" works?

  5. It is good to get on the road again! You must feel such freedom after all the work on the house.

    tanks... well... you'll get a feel for how long you can go. My tanks are each 60 gallon and we can go 9 nights if we are careful and use campground facilities for showers. We have washing dishes with the minimum amount of water down to a fine art!

  6. I'm green with envy. We watched on TV this morning.Saturday afternoon in the Bay, Sunday morning here. Very pleased with the results and will watch again tomorrow morning, and every morning until it's over. I hope you had good position to view the races. They didn't show many spectators so couldn't see you anywhere. *big Grin*


  7. Judy has the scoop on the ker-plunk... we can go at least 2 weeks without dumping our waste waters.

  8. Not a ker-plunk for us but a burp. As the black tank fill up you will hear the burp.


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