Friday, September 13, 2013

Camp Driveway

We are in limbo as far as the house goes. There have been several open houses, a decent turnout of people and agents, a few possible interested couples, and the usual percentage of lookers who had valid reasons for why this house was not for them.  When I look back on our own home buying experiences, I remember how many houses we walked thru and how different each was. So many of them were "not for us" but were quit right for someone else.

Our house has been very "right" for us for over 25 years.  So far we have not had any feedback about anything we can change about the place. We have done all the work we planned on. When that right couple finds it, they will love it as much as we have.

Until then we will be based at "Camp Driveway," here on the upper drive at our own personal National Park.  It is probably the best minimum-hookup site we will ever have!  If you don't count the expense of keeping the house, and the 20 amp connection, the space is free, peaceful, beautiful, and secure.

Putting a positive spin on the situation, I think this time is good for both of us.  We are getting the feel for just "living" in the Alfa.  Not traveling, not vacationing, not exploring new places.  Just living. 

If we wanted to move back to the house we could.  I know I don't.  Every time I go down I feel like I'm walking into a stranger's house. It does not feel like home.  

The Alfa feels like home. 

I am amazed at myself in that I really like the limited space. I know there will still be rearrangements, but I like the fact that everything should have a place and be put away when we are done with it. Clutter is not an option!

We have been eating really well!

Grilled lobster tails with fresh beans and steamed red potatoes

My first many-ingredient stir fry in the Alfa. I always get everything cut and ready before I start to cook.  I had no problem with the limited space. This was also the first time I used the electric fry pan. Note: We did not eat all those noodles!

Craig making pulled pork 

While we were in Sacramento, one of our jacks started to have problems.  Craig says it has been "balking" for some time.  It needs to be replaced and parts have been ordered.  So another trip up there will be required soon.  Hopefully it will be before the end of the month because I've made reservations at Zion National Park in Utah for the first week of October.  We've agreed that if the repair isn't done, we won't go. The repair guy said it will depend on how long it takes Atwood to send out the parts.  You would think most of a month would be long enough!

Keep us in your thoughts!  We want to be on the move.


  1. Hang in there. I put the house on the market while John was in the hospital, April 1. The offer came in May and we closed in July. The time from April till the end of May seemed to take forever. You are right, the house will sell at the right time to the right people. We never had an open house. But tons of showings. It will sell, be patient.

  2. I love camping in the driveway, and if it was because I was waiting to sell my house I'd be ecstatic! It gives you a good chance to see if you are missing any of your house stuff, or better yet if you have too much stuff!

    Keep having fun - lots of us are living vicariously through you!

  3. When the time is right the house will sell, waiting was one of the hardest things. We've had the last 5 months to get used to living in the rv, the next 7 months will be on the road. Zion is one of our favorite parks, hope you get to go.

  4. I know what you mean, I remember those days so well, and we felt the same way. We had the same kind of feedback - no suggestions on what we could change really, it just wasn't the house for those particular buyers. My sister said, don't get discouraged, it is going to change all of a sudden and then things are going to start moving really fast. And she was sure right. It will happen for you too!!

  5. Wish I could offer some sage advice, but having never been in that situation, I can't. But I do believe things happen as they are meant to and the time will be right for you soon.

  6. Fingers crossed for both the house selling and the part getting there so you can go to Zion. I also love living in a small space with not much stuff. It really is freeing.

  7. I sure hope the part comes in. We haven't been to Zion yet so I am really excited about seeing your pictures!

    Camp driveway sounds nice! We like the coziness of our home on wheels too!

  8. Sounds like you are enjoying living simply. You are wise to make the transition this way. I'm sure your doubts have been silenced.

  9. It looks like camp driveway is a pretty nice place. If you only had sewer hook-ups you could stay forever!

    You're doing well cooking in an Rv kitchen, it appears.

  10. Hang in there, good luck on your repairs.


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