Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Odd Week

It has been an odd week. Although we were very glad we were not in the Northeast and didn't have to deal with the lake effect snow, we did have intermittent rain and overcast skies.

The highlight of our week was a Skype visit with our son Gil who is teaching English in Myanmar (Burma.) It was good to see and hear him. He is looking good and doing fine.

Craig went to a Miami dentist for the same tooth he has seen dentists for in California, Mexico, and Georgia. The Miami dentist is highly rated on the internet, we liked him, and he thinks he can actually do something for the tooth. We all want to save it because it supports the end of a bridge, but he is very tired of having an on and off again toothache. The dentist put him on antibiotics and we will drive up from the Keys next week for a possible re-root-canal.

Urban traffic has never bothered me very much. I've gotten lost many times in cities such as Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco, and have been in long freeway traffic jams in all of them.  Miami-Ft. Lauderdale has to have the worse traffic I have ever experienced. It is so bad that I passed on driving into Miami to go to the Aquarium or any other attractions. The drivers seem overly rude, and dart in and out of their lanes like hummingbirds.

We did go to the beach on Tuesday afternoon. It had rained in the morning, but cleared a bit later. Craig said he liked this picture of me because I looked happy. I was. The ocean air was very soothing.

We went for a walk down the beach. The water was surprisingly warm. I am used to the cold Pacific waters. Craig said it was warm because of the Gulf Stream.

Next time we go to a beach we will be in the Keys, and I will wear my swim suit. When we first arrived at this beach I was surprised that no one was in the water. 

Then, as we walked along we spotted many of these guys washed up along the edge of the surf. Jelly fish. A good reason to stay out of the water. They can sting.

Even though we were on an East Coast beach, there was a bit of a sunset glow. Hey, any sunset with palm trees in it is a good one.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. We are actually going to make a small turkey.  Not very many sides, but a turkey none the less.


  1. Gil? That's surprising to me. I guess I've always thought of him as Joko. ;)

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, Merikay. I just love your positive attitude, and I'm glad you share the not-so-good with the great! We really enjoyed meeting you and Craig. He's very positive, too! Keep writing and keeping it real...we love reading your blog!

  3. PS. Love, love, LOVE the gator header photo!

  4. Tampa drivers are much the same. That's why I told you not to waste your time coming to Tampa.
    Two of the very best places to watch sunset over the water are by the Sunshine Skyway and mallory square in Key West. You'll see some gorgeous sunsets over the water in the Keys. The Sunset Grill on Marathon is another great place for happy hour/sunset. I hope the weather improves for you. This is an El NiƱo year which keeps hurricanes at bay, but brings a wetter than normal winter. It's right on track so far.

  5. One of the best things you can use for a toothache is clove oil. You can buy it at most any healthfood store. My husband is having a issue with a crown and as soon as I had him start using clove oil it got instantly better. Google "Clove oil for toothache".

    Merikay, when I would have to spend time working in Miami and Fort Lauerdale for work, I used to turn in my expenses and add COMBAT PAY for trying to handle the driving..... It was such a headache !!!

  7. You know I love, love, love, of Florida. I ache for Florida sometimes...but that ache is most definitely not for the Eastern part, the Miami anything, the Tampa-Sarasota-Naples corridor. I love the Nature Coast, the Emerald Coast, the Forgotten Coast, the springs, the rivers, the magic that is the real Florida. I do hope you get a taste of THAT Florida, Merikay. In the mean time, it is great seeing you barefoot by the sand.

  8. Happy Thanksgiving to you! No better place to celebrate but with your toes in the Gulf.


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