Sunday, August 1, 2010

First Flea Market

So,  my first flea market experience wasn't all that bad.  It wasn't like the big grubby sales at the drive-in's that are held every weekend.

This was a once-a-year, one-day event, held in the parking lot of a nearby church.

There were  20 sellers beside a large sales area taken up by the church selling donations, food, and fund raising crafts from Africa.

Considering I didn't have any large ticket items, (my most expensive were one $10 item and a few $5 things.) $1, $2, $3, and $.25 or even $.10 were good price points.

Anyway, I sold almost everything I had and made a grand total of $145.  After the $25 space fee and a  hot dog, nachos, and a couple of drinks, my big profit was all of $115!

Considering the number of hours I spent getting everything ready, I wouldn't say it was worth it in terms of money.

  But it did get rid of a full van of stuff, and what's left will go to Goodwill tomorrow.

I have to say the weather was pleasant and the people were nice.  I was delighted to find the space next to mine was taken by a fellow artist from the mountains that I know, and another was across the way.   So I had enjoyable  company.

We pulled our chairs together and shared the shade of their umbrella in the afternoon.

I took plenty of change and had everything priced.

A few times someone offered less than my asking price, and I just said no.  It worked everytime.  They paid what I was asking. I think my prices were fair, if not on the low side.

I knew that nothing would go back into the house, so it was good.

I got the low-down on several other flea markets in the area and will probably do several next summer when I have more and better stuff to sell.

I learned that books and VCR taped movies do not sell very well.  I did not take any clothes and do not intend to in the future.

But I had three fancy hats and they all went quickly.

So that's the flea market report for the year.

I will get back to putting thing in the garage boxes when winter comes.

Maybe I can talk Craig into doing the same.

Daily countdown:
403 days, or 1 year, 2 months, 30 days to go.

Exercise Goal:
miles on the treadmill, 
Total walked = 185 miles
Someday I will be hiking 1000 miles in National Parks!


  1. Yard sales are alot of work even in your own yard, I can only imagine how hard going off your home to a "flea market' to sell your "stuff".
    Sounds like you did well, but you can't figure actual earnings by using your time; just remember you got rid of some items and made some money on top of that!
    Take care and be safe.
    Mike & Gerri

  2. Good job! I'm always amazed at the amount of money that we make on our yard sales. Some stuff is just 'junk' - it was worth something when we bought it tho!

  3. Happytrails is right. They are a lot of work when held in your garage. It sounds like you did well and nothing went back into your house! That's the main thing. When we had them at home, what didn't sell was still there!

    We need to have a garage sale but it's too hot now. We are also in a rural area so I don't know how well that will work. I guess we'll figure it all out when it gets a little cooler.

    Hang in there!

  4. Grats on the exit of your stuff. I'm sure they all got good homes. I like the answer of no when they ask you to drop the price. LOL glad to hear that works

  5. Whew! It's over!! Sounds like you did great. That $115 profit will buy you a tank of gas :) LOL!


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