Monday, August 9, 2010

A trip to the dump makes a girl happy

Only someone who is dreaming about heading off in a large RV someday can be excited by the possibility of a trip to the dump!  

Yup, that was me yesterday.

We had decided the trim boards around the  doors of the attached three car garage were too far gone to repair, and so tore them all off and replaced them.  This produced a couple of garbage cans of old wood and I decided to go to the dump rather than put them out for the garbage man. 

 I lined the bed of my van with a tarp, threw in the wood, and then happily began gathering other stuff from the garage that had seen better days.  In no time at all I had filled the van, and cleaned up this garage  as well.  The other garages are much fuller.

I also finished the job of unearthing the buried MG Midget that has been parked there since 1996!  I started that when I was getting ready for the flea market.

(The picture was taken before I finished uncovering it.)

We have decided to get new garage doors, so the MG will have to be moved soon anyway.

When we inflate the tires and move it outside,   I will clean it up and list it on E-Bay motors.

For now I  just put a word ad on Craig's list.

Getting the MG on the market  is one of my "This Summer Goals."

Anyway, I went to the dump this morning and was mildly surprised how much I was charged.  The van wasn't  full and the fee was $45.  

I'm going to have to be more consistent about filling my garbage cans! 

 And next time I go to the dump the van will be stuffed!

Daily countdown:
450 days, or 1 year, 2 months, 24 days to go.


  1. I had a MG Midget when I was in college. It was that British green color and I just loved that car. I dated a guy that couldn't even get in it...he was too tall. LOL

    Doesn't it feel great to see that stuff leave and head for the dump?
    It allows you to see the progress.

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  2. Looking good! :) You have made a lot of progress this summer!!

  3. Ouch...that could get expensive going to the dump at that price. Sounds like you're making good progress!

  4. I love taking stuff to the dump, it's one of my favourite things to do. I don't think I've ever paid more that $20 though and that's with a van full plus pulling a utility trailer full of junk. They must value garbage more where you live, I guess.

    You shouldn't have any problem in selling that little MG Midget - make sure you ask lot's for it!

  5. Oh Boy! It's just as well I am so far away. If I were close enough I'd be on the phone and round to your place in an instant. That is my very own dream car.

    It's been a lovely dream and can stay that way. They look a little hard to get in and out of these days. LOL. Mind you I don't think that would stop me if I found one at the right price.

    I hope you get a good sale to soften the loss because you are selling a little bit of your history with it.

  6. Hey Merikay, In answer to your question on my blog about macerators, no, it is not a common requirement (at least to my knowledge) but where we will be has no typical sewer dump connection. Can't use the typical sewer hose. So, we need the macerator!


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