Saturday, August 14, 2010

Virtual Sorting

Shortly after I started this blog, I mentioned the idea of doing some "virtual" sorting and purging of our stuff.  I thought it might be a good idea to go thru the house, room by room, and make lists of what was there and what I wanted to do with it. 

 I started such a list on one of the "pages" of this blog, and kept it as a draft.  The problem with that approach was the computer I use is not portable, and if I had an idea at an odd moment it was quite inconvenient to go down, open the blog, and make the note.  So the project went no where.

Recently Craig gave me a 2010 "Time Management Portfolio" book he had gotten from someone at work.  I've kept it next to "my chair" up in the living room.  This is where I relax almost every evening.

I started making short, daily "to do" lists for myself in the dated section of the book.  About half of the pages are simply lined with a wide blank margin, much like a journal.

I'm using this part to  start make lists of things that need to be done, and stuff that needs to be either gotten rid of, taken along, or stored when we are ready to go.

I've made up a little key of abbreviations.  GT = go thru, AC = Ask Craig, TA = take along etc.

I find it is helping me feel less stressed about how much needs to be done and how much stuff needs to be considered.

  Craig doesn't like to talk about more than one job at a time.  Right now we are working on the painting, and taking that one place at a time.  

If I am helping him with one thing, say replacing trim boards on the garage, he doesn't like me to bring up something else, like the dry rot around the front door.  He will deal with each when the time comes. 

I am always thinking about all sorts of things.  If I see it on a list  I feel like I have it more under control.   

The lists seems endless, but someday we will do it all, or just cross it off and move on.

 AND, Someday I will toss the whole book into a trash can at the edge of the Grand Canyon! 

I'd toss it in, but that would be littering!

  Daily countdown:
445 days, or 1 year, 2 months, 19 days. 


  1. Now there is a wonderful goal to work toward. The tossing of the "list" into the garbage can at the rim of the Grand Canyon. :-)
    Be sure to take a pic so you can put it in the blog for us all to celebrate with you.

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  2. Ha Ha! What a great day that will be! I'm thinking that by that time you will be an expert tosser! :)

  3. So good to get caught up with you. I am sure the garage doors will look great with the new paint job.

    Glad things are moving along. One day soon your dream will be a reality.


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