Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Heat Wave Finally Arrived

Well, the heat wave has finally arrived, although it is not as hot up here as it is in San Jose.

It got up to 90 yesterday and is 95 today.

Needless to say I have only worked outside until about 11:00 each day.  This is actually good since I also have two large animal sculptures to work on that were ordered last week.  One is a Tiger that I should have done by the weekend, and the other is an elephant that is a Christmas order so I can take my time on it.

The hot weather is great for drying the sculpture parts, and also keeps me down in the cool of the studio.

Not much else to say today . . .

Daily countdown:
435 days, or 1 year, 2 months, days. 


  1. Way too hot for working outside in those temperatures!

  2. Heat in that part of California is tough to take! My mom lives in Prunedale, and it was 100 yesterday..this with no air conditioning.

  3. It's always nice when the weather cooperates to give us a little time off. :)

  4. glad to hear orders have started to pick up - so maybe you'll want some more boxes and peanuts eh?? And at least today is a few days cooler ;-)

  5. Thank you for that suggestion. I've done something like that in past, but never labeled it as journal. I have the painting outside on the patio because it is so big. Now that it is cooler I can work on it more. Weather seems to dictate how, when and where I work on projects. Enjoy the cooler studio.

  6. I admire you and the hub for grabbing at the gold ring! I have thought about it, too, but my desire is not strong enough to make me do what you are, and I would want a companion. I could do it alone, but I just don't have that desire. So, till something tips me over the edge of t hat barrier, I will RV vicariously through several blog-friends who do so. It works for me!

    Your labors remind me of the months I spent on my former home in KC, getting it ready to sell following my hub's death. It was grueling, and I did it mostly alone. I had temporary help from dear friends and family, but so many of the long hours were just me. I try to keep up the minor repairs on a regular basis here. Next time I leave a place, I'm just walking out the door!!

    I'll be following your progress!


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