Thursday, June 2, 2011

Another Alaskan Travler

Gerri from The RV Life of Mike and Gerri told me about Gene and Judy,  who are in Alaska right now.

On yesterday's post I meant to ask if you know of any other RVers going or in Alaska this summer who have a blog, let me know, I'd like to follow them too.

I don't think we will ever get to Alaska, but I think it is interesting to read blogs of several people all going to the same places  in the same season. I really feel I learned a lot about the Southwest and Florida living this winter!

Just my way of being an "Armchair RVer."


  1. I think that is one of the best perks of following each other's blogs....we get to travel to many different places with our blogging friends.

    Hope you enjoy following Gene and Judi!

  2. If you can't go in an RV, how about a cruise? Alaska shouldn't be missed!

  3. I am riding along with Gene and Judy too!!!..and Peanut!!

  4. Do you follow the MoHos? Here's a link incase you don't have it. They are going to Alaska this summer.

    I agree with Judy... a cruise to Alaska is a wonderful experience and when you consider all that's included, it really is not so expensive. I recommend Holland America after labor day - mostly older people and very relaxing!

  5. I like the sounds of a cruise. I followed a woman's blog in Alaska and that's not the kind of RVing I want to do. I like following Alaska trips by blog.


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