Saturday, June 4, 2011

It NEVER Rains ...

It never rains in California in June. 

 Except when it does!

Craig had to go out this morning and clean out parts of the rain gutters that were clogged with needles from the fir trees.  We have screens on them but that only does 75% of the job.

Ten years ago I would have been at a local art show trying to keep dry and hoping my work wouldn't get ruined!  Sure glad that part of my life is over!

Seems like most of the US has had bad wether this year.  

May we all have dry feet and cool brows this coming summer!


  1. I do think it has been an interesting spring all over the US. Here it was cold and rainy for a long time and now it fluctuates between cold and rainy to hot and humid. Never know if you need a coat and jeans or shorts and tank top.

  2. The Popeye Express is headed for Alaska. Here's a link to their blog if you don't already have it:

    Weather is perfect today here in MT but supposed to rain again this week. I think Spring is going to be April, May and June this year. Maybe summer in July. Or like Janie and John - we'll just go from perfect to miserably hot.

  3. You could send us some of that rain if you like....we sure need it!!
    It has been in the high 90s here for the last few days...and humid! YUK

  4. 100*~hot~windy~humid

    that's Kansas. it's a bit early for that but it's getting the wheat fields ready for harvest. that usually brings rain, which our area of the state desperately needs!

  5. Merikay...I just finished getting caught up on your blog after not blogging for awhile and all I can way!!
    I guess my biggest wow is for the animal heads you make...they are impressive. Thanks for sharing your dilemma about RVing. Maybe another time, or maybe not. It appears you're going to keep blogging and I'm glad about that. Jeana

  6. We are one of those who had LOTS of rain & then jumped straight into HOT summer -- 90+ and humid:(

  7. sunny and warm here in Coquitlam, British Columbia!..too bad for the rainy day and the clogged gutters!..hope Craig got them cleaned out quickly!

  8. Like most other folks, our weather has been a mixed bag of hot & cold along with wet & dry. Crazy year for weather alright. Predictions are for a hot muggy summer. I dislike hot & muggy as much as I dislike cold & wintry!!

  9. Another thing to put in the pros column for full-time RVing. No gutters to clean :)

    We've finally had some nice weather after a very cold and rainy spring.

  10. Those pine needles are murder on gutters. Thanks for reminding me I still have ours to clean out - before it starts to rain again!!

  11. Had a beautiful day here in Oregon on Friday, now back to cool with scattered showers. I think summer will arrive with a bang all of a sudden and then I'll be sorry I complained about the cool weather! Stay dry.


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